Friday, February 01, 2008


Sorry days are flying by but nights are spent sleepless, poor Becky has had two restless roommates, me and Mo. Last night it was my snoring (so I slept last night), the night before was Mo (banging around jumping playing) the night before that was Emma, so Becky has a very small amount of sleep under her belt.
Today I'm going to the Acura Dealer to get some work on my car and I think that they have the internet, so I promise pictures today for sure.
I went "home" yesterday to check on things, grab mail and sat at the desk for a very short time, but there were 7 boxes of singles! Deanna and Sue are our newest spinners for TFC! Kathleen, Carol and Sheri had there (huge) boxes done as well. I worked on the pipes, but the rain was coming down and hail was with it, I had left my jacket at Becky's so decided that the heaven's didn't want me to fix the pipes, but at least I did take a hack saw to the broken part, only to find that I have to saw off the whole top part to fix the cap. This was the point the light was fading, my shirt was soaked, and even if the bottle said wet or dry conditions I bet if I'd had tried to glue it wouldn't have worked, and Mark was calling me so I went to cuddle Mark.
Emma still looks great, Don had a shower (they are starting to learn that a shower in the life of new parents is really a treat and hard to get) and Pat is making lists.
Pat is such a delight and mystery to me. She is so efficient, fast and smart. There are lists (just like Becky) and things get checked off! She is planning on cooking her way through the mound of potatoes and onions that come every week in Emma & Don's box of "Organics to You". This is a delivery service of locally grown organic produce that comes in a huge box, Emma has been making a baby not dinner, so if you have any wonderful ideas about what to do with somewhat elderly potatoes and sprouted onions let us know......
I have to go, but not to Newport Spin-In, I wanted to, but with Mark's arrival, going far away doesn't seem like the right thing to do and I have that mound of work at home. I have decided ("Mom you can't be serious, you haven't slept in two days and look at my apartment and we have WORK to do that I can only help with on Saturday", etc. etc. etc.) not to go.
So as a "consolation prize" Becky and I are going to an auction tonight! There is a huge amount of spinning/weaving equipment going under the hammer, so we are going to get some good stuff ("Mom who do we know that died?" "Oh no Becky what are you trying to tell me?" "no, no Mom but these 8 looms and 25 totes of warp and all this stuff is someone's stash") So tonight we are honoring one of our own by putting their stash with ours...Pictures today I promise!

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