Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More pictures

I'm a little concerned my computer is acting funny, not in a good way. My camera has sustained an injury too. In preparing to go to Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat this weekend, I dyed 6 pounds of cashmere today. Audrey broke down the huge box collection that was in the dye studio. Before that I was in the office and plied 8 skeins of yummy Snow Cashmere! Talking about snow there isn't any snow yet, but it has turned slightly colder tonight and it was spitting sleet coming home from Becky's house. We've had mild weather the last couple of days, which has been another encouragement to be in the dye studio. I feel very good about the work I've done in the office, but I know once Steven comes (on Sunday) to do the big office re-arranging it will be a drop in the bucket! I have files lots of files.
Here are the pictures promised...
Another picture of the Production Room and work in progress....

Emma and Mark, whom is swaddled in a blanket our Alexandra knitted

Baptism in progress

Priest anointing Mark

Baptism completed,

Proud Grandparents!

Becky with Ginger

A lot of people are involved in the yarn making, soon to be many more. Here is the housekeeping staff. Cora, Sandy (hiding) and Jenny (don't hate me for not remembering), Sandy is going to have a moment with Martha Stewart soon, so close yet so far.....They found the office floor and some of it even got vacuumed!

Having Becky working for TFC almost full time. Having her own living quarters in Portland, we are finding we need duplicate equipment. I had one of these lazy kates that Alexandra makes, perfect for laying flat with bobbins on it for traveling ( and small apartments), so my purple lazy kate now lives in Portland. Alexandra is sending me another one to Madrona. I think it will be in Walnut to match my Komski Sonata......if you are going to Madrona stop by and take a look!

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