Sunday, February 10, 2008

Baby Day

Today was a baby day. We went to Mark's Baptism and then to Jan's house to see the lambs and the new puppy. It was wonderful to have a day off after a long week in the office, then Friday's dyeing and then Saturday's skeining.

Diane G. and I skeined 65 skeins on Saturday morning. She and I worked wonderfully together in the new production room

Here is a load of Newport Rocks Textured Cashmere....There are 32 skeins here

After Diane left, about noon. I sent out some more fiber (trip to Post Office Mark (postman) says Hi!) Becky came over and we did 70+ skeins with a total of 142 skeins ready for shipment. We got boxes ready to be shipped out. If you want yarn this coming week please go to String! (NYNY), Wild Fiber (Santa Monica CA), Knitterly (Petaluma CA), Sticks and Strings (Scarsdale NY), Article Pract (Oakland Ca.), Knit (Charlston, SC), Knit Stop (Indianapolis ID.) or Handmade (Eagle ID). There are some new names here, we are all ready shipping on some of our newest accounts taken in January. I'm so pleased, I hated this time last year. I had no factory and no clue how to make yarn faster. This year we have it under control (famous last words.....)

Since this last week was a work week, I had restful Sunday! Becky spent the night Saturday, so that we could attend Mark's Baptism, Sunday morning. This is the beautiful Font in the Cathedral. I asked how old it was, it was just renovated about 10 years ago.

My friend and true Grandmother Pat wearing a Columbia Gorge-ous (60% Merino/20% Cashmere/ 20% Angora) that Becky knitted for Pat while we were on a road trip.

Don, Emma (Mark), Betsy (Em's sister) and Robin listening to the Priest....

The alter at the Cathedral. I can see now why Emma and Don love this church. It is so lovely inside that I would go just to sit and look at all the Stain Glass and feel the peace. Not really a great reason to go to Church, I know that Emma's attention wanders from the pulpit to the windows, but isn't appreciating the art enjoying the bounties of life too?

Apparently while I was down loading pictures quickly last night I skipped a bunch of the Baptism, and the Waffle Party afterwards at Emma and Don's. Both clans were well represented, although we missed Anna, Charlie, Chris, from Emma's side and Joe, Matt and Erin from Don's side. We love you guys! I will fill in more when I get back to the high speed internet. I was very rushed and distracted when downloading last night.

After the Baptism it was time for another type of baby fun. Jan and Neil are getting a new puppy! Ginger is her name and in her honor threw a Puppy Party. Another good reason to go see her new lambs, and for us to keep the good times rolling.

A lot of white here? Yes, Jan is doing some cross breeding, and also enjoying dyeing her white fleeces. I'm hoping to "own" (sometimes Jan let's me "own" a sheep, I get to name it and when I'm there it's "mine" ! When it gets' into trouble I get a phone call) one of these little ones. I miss having sheep in my own back yard. I can't have them or a puppy or any other type of animal (Mike says I should let Mo live in Los Angeles so he doesn't have to stay alone for days and go to Becky's house when it's longer that I'm away) while I'm working full time, so I just covet Jan's sheep. She works really hard everyday taking care of all the sheep, alpaca's, chickens, Sean (the border collie), cats and Neil. She hardly spins anymore it's so much work, that's what happens when you have animals that need care.

Jan's more traditional Brown Lamb

This is Ginger, yes she's brown too, a Brown Tri-colored Australian Shepherd! She is looking at the sheep, and got a little nervous. We were all besotted by her charm

Twins born last week, if they wear coats that means they are "good" sheep. The sheep that don't have coats are not good enough to use for wool or showing........this year there are only two or so that aren't wearing coats!

This is so funny. Jan was showing us the lambs and these three laid down together, these lamb's are going to be this year's Black Sheep Gathering's Young Flock entry, so consider this a "before" picture, in June I'll take a picture of these lambs while being shown

Becky and I came back to TFC headquarters Sunday night and skeined another 21 skeins. We prepared the boxes for shipment and then fell into bed. I got up with her this morning to get an early start. I have more dyeing to do, but got 7 pounds done on Friday! Lots of colored spinning for our color deprived spinners. More pictures when I get to the high-speed, but for now "Today is a good day to Dye".......

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