Saturday, February 16, 2008

Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat

I made it. It wasn't easy but I'm here and a little (ok let's face it down right "stay in bed with the tissues and Vicks too sick to watch TV" sick) sick. I thought my feeling poorly was just due to stress, now I know it's because I was coming down with a nasty cold.
So great for my roommates! Last night I had Christina, night before was Barbara, tonight is Leila. I'm so glad that Barb and Christina brought ear plugs as my congestion has been mighty bad.
Yesterday morning I felt like I should eat but not really wanting to get dressed or even eat. I got out of bed stubbled over to the desk to find what might be available, there is a button on the phone "eat in bed", heaven it was. I slipped back into bed while somewhere, some blessed person made a meal that Kristen brought to me, and then later took away, better than being sick at home for sure. "Hey Mo can you make me a cup of tea?" yeah right.....
Sheila is here

and has bolstered my spirits as only Sheila can, I'm looking forward to having some spinning time with her. She has some new circular needle colors which I love, even though I'm not a circular needle fan but I might be with those lovely needles to play with.
I met up with Sara and Bonnie, whom have an article coming out in Spin-Off (Spring issue) about this wrapping/plying technic, watching them talk with Katherine Alexandra

(whom I now have the pleasure of knowing) was wonderful you could taste the creativity. The first day I spent with Paula Shull, what she can do with a spinning wheel is magic. If you ever get a chance to take a class with her do it. She is so knowledgeable about everything, and she owns the most lovely Maine Coon Cat (I still love Mo but her cat is beautiful). I so enjoyed sitting and spinning with her, pleasure. I gave the "Yarn Harlot" a bottle of the "Glen" I think she liked it better than any skein of yarn but then she hasn't knitted with the cashmere, yet. Myra Wood came by several times and knit/crocheted a scarf out of the yarn. I can hardly wait to see it. Myra's fun creative spirit produces such lovely "fabric", fantastic. I'm getting a book tonight to have her sign it. My new fantasy is for her to teach at Knitterly, Shelli and Myra in the same knitting shop would be creativity on steroids.
I have supped on Tai food, which will surprise Beth and Becky as I'm not known for being a fan, but the super heated tang of chili's seemed to have provided a cure as I could breath out of both nostrils last night, and presently just have a terrible cough. I got my lazy kate delivered to my room last night, great timing as I have filled all 6 bobbins.
I've talked to my long time friend Kim twice in two days trying to plan how we're going to met up in Austin Texas while I'm at Hill Country Weavers. Now I can hardly wait as it has been 8 years since we've been in each others company.
There are so many spinners here this year, such a difference from two years ago. Spinning has really taken off! There are wheels everywhere, which has improved things in my view. Spinning last night was such a joy especially since I was spinning Cashmere in Columbia Gorge-ous. I've seen so many familiar faces, it can only make one feel better. Lots of loved ones have sent their healing energy my way how can one stay sick under so much prayer? No way. I have booked a massage tomorrow, a Valentine's gift to myself, Mike agreed that I should have one, the sauna is under construction, bummer, as Dr. Neil had prescribed that treatment, but it is all more than I would have at the big empty factory at home.
Mark is now over 10 pounds and if I'm well enough I hope to see them this week. Steven is flying up tomorrow for some major office work and re-organization. It's bad when you have to import help. I'm hope I'm well enough to survive it all.
I'm off to the Glass Museum today and I've promised to get cupcakes, from the cupcake place, no idea where that might be but I'm game to find out.... I guess I must be better!

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monkeyspinner said...

I am so so sorry your sick. That is so bad that your sick, I hope you feel better. Have a nice time at MFF I wish I could be there,take good care of yourself.