Saturday, February 23, 2008

More at Knitterly

How could I have forgotten my camera today. Everyone that has ever purchased Tanglewood Fiber Creations yarn came to Knitterly with there almost and finished projects. Two ladies, Sandi ( was a walking "O to Tanglewood Fiber Creation's yarn") and Gail were knitting on the beaded Newport Rocks, and out of the 8 skeins I sent last week, and the 2 I sent 3 weeks ago there are only 3 skeins left!
News flash I have talked (begged, cried, whined and pleaded) to Shelli and I think if I get a lot of spinning done she will help me knit gloves! I might have a pair ready for our anniversary trip to the San Juan Islands, this time I might have warm hands. The yarn I spun today is now plied and hanging up to dry, fast hopefully, so that I can begin tomorrow night (If she says if I get my spinning done) so tomorrow my feet will fly. I spun on the new color-way Lavender Moon, in 60% Merino/20% Angora/20% Cashmere. I think I have to have more of the fiber it is heaven on earth. Tomorrow is the new Yak/Silk blend ohhhhh, creamy buttery looking. Tomorrow all the bud's are coming for a party. I've all ready put the camera in the purse, so as to be ready for picture taking tomorrow. I want to thank, Sharon, Robin, Gail, Patrice and Sandi for making me so happy by actually knitting something with our yarn. It is so much fun for me to see things knit with it. I really do wonder while spinning/plying/dreaded paperwork what people are doing with all this yarn. Today I had my answer. Tomorrow I'm really looking forward to fun. Off to bed, tomorrow is a party!
PS while Steven was doing paper work today (Mom I think we need more hanging files....) The power went out. It is just as spooky for him as it is for me, now I don't feel such the baby. Ok Ok I'm off to bed now for sure.

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