Saturday, February 16, 2008

I feel good

Yesterday, I woke feeling a hundred percent better. The cough is decreased and the nasal congestion abated. I had several lovely calls from my family, and I have scheduled a massage tomorrow. Today was totally lovely, feeling good is a good thing. Steven flies tomorrow, home and into a paperwork "challenge".
My roommate Leila is a new spinner, very fun, and I am able to enjoy her newby enthusiasm to all things spinning.
Una and Sheila relaxing in the knitting spinning area.....

Sarah's button (that Sheila made) for this hand-spun hand-knit sweater

This is a former student from a Wild Woman sock class which I am teaching again at NwRSA Conference in June

Relaxing with a virgin Pina Colada with the homies

Bonnie is sharing that this is the only event that you can fondle a perfect stranger's clothing without being arrested......

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