Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Living in a Yarn Factory

My life is never dull, never. I don't realize how "exciting", my life is until seen through the eyes of strangers.
I got home at 11:00 pm on Sunday night from Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat. Monday morning at 8:30 am the carpet installers (hence the "strangers eyes") came, but I thought (know for sure) that they weren't due until Tuesday morning. Me-franticly running around the Production Room trying to clean out the factory so that three rooms can be carpeted, while on the phone calling troops to "rescue" me, the installer shook his head and said he would be back another day.
While running around upstairs I burned my breakfast, smoke pouring out of yet another pan, scorched, requiring ( wasting precious) time for cleaning. Then troops came and removed the contents of three rooms, loading the contents into two rooms, one of those rooms is where I sleep, the other the office. Steven is here from LA to help, and afterwards we all had an "Oh dear" moment wondering where Steven would sleep.
We interviewed a lovely young lady named Courtney, from St. Helens High School, that is going to be working with TFC. We are joining a school program, in which businesses mentor High School students, and hopefully to encourage more young people into a business field (the Fiber Arts!?), something Sherry Muline (coordinator for the college student TNNA internship program) of TNNA is interested in too. I'm looking forward to maybe having another intern from TNNA this summer as well (more help=more yarn), although no one will ever replace Katie in my heart, no one.
The time on the clock was now 1:00 pm. and Becky, Steven and I made a list and went shopping. We bought more organizing equipment for the office and production room, but unloading it into the right places was impossible ("oh yeah", "well just leave it in the garage for now").
I'm planning to dye today, however I am down one propane tank (it's empty) and very low on mordant (requiring a trip into Portland) so I'm not sure how much fiber will get dyed today.
Yesterday the weather was glorious, and I found a purple crocus blooming! Spring a breath away. It was 60 degree's. I decided to enjoy the sun shine and went out to the garden and did some trimming (making yarn completely impossible as the yarn factory was under construction) now Tanglewood Fiber Creations isn't so Tanglely any more.
Becky is a wonderful cook and while I hacked at the brush outside she did us a lovely dinner. Steven made a cozy fire, the only thing that was missing was Mike.
This morning the installers came and were thrilled to see empty bedrooms and wondered at all things yarn and applied for a job at TFC!
I counted this morning, we now have 5 feral stray cats living around our house, and one from next door that has "heard" you can get a good deal here (I swear I'm not feeding them, they do sneak into the garage occasionally to steal), plus I have three cats, (only Mo gets to sleep in the house) that I actually want. Steven is talking traps again, Becky is talking "Mr. Hepner and his gun".
I'm off and have lots of pictures to post to show you all the horror/joy.
Becky says if I'm not way better by Wednesday she's not letting me out of the house this weekend ("I will take your car keys away and tie you to the bed", "you should have never gone to Madrona, why won't you listen to sense or reason", etc. etc, so I'm "resting" this morning waiting for the temperature to warm (we had heavy frost this morning but a blazing sun is working it's magic) and Steven to fill the tank of propane. Send healing, organizing thoughts my way please!

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Hi Missy!!! I had so much fun visiting and spinning with you, you're such a hoot to hang with!

Please email me I found some really good and thorough research regarding the supplement Sarah mentioned. <3 nikki

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