Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good Bye Knitterly

I hate leaving, I've had such fun here and met new people and visiting with old friends. Yesterday I got to spend the whole day with Michael and Sheila Ersnt and an long time Coos Bay friend, Jan (not Spinning Ewe farms) whom I haven't seen in years. We had lunch together, there was knitting and spinning, and general fun while all around us people madly scooped up yarn, the last day of the sale, while others sat with us and knit. Patricia had her spinning lesson and did splendidly, we all decided that a spinning class should happen sometime soon.
We went out to dinner and then got to bed at a reasonable hour.
This morning Michael and Sheila said good-bye but left lots of lovely needles for Knitterly after which Shelli and I went on the town for a "girls day". We had a Hawaiian Pedicure, then went out to lunch. We went to the shop, and while Shelli did shop business I looked at patterns. When Shelli was done she took me to the neatest bead shop looking for beads for Suzanne's yarn (Hill Country Weavers) even though both of us really felt like a nap, but headed back to the shop for Knit Night and more knitting fun. Everyone decided that there should be a call list when a new box of beaded Camel/Silk comes in, then there were some arguments about who's name should be at the top of the list. Hopefully it won't come to blows, good thing I'll be safely in Oregon.
When we got home at 10:00 pm, you would have thought the fun should be over, but oh, the beads, the yarn, the fun so Shelli and I have designed some fabulous yarn, that is now drying, of course it's beaded! We will try and take pictures (my batteries are dead) tomorrow.
I think if I stayed another day Jeff would have me paying rent! I've so enjoyed myself that it has been more like visiting family than work. Hopefully we will have a lot of new yarns to show as well. I know there are several special packages on there way to some lucky yarn shop owners.......and then let's hope there is a "trickle down effect".
But for now it must be sleep. George is coming over tomorrow for his weekly visit. I have to pack my belongings (now spread all over the house here and the shop) and the yarn. I have "found" things I left behind in the Yarn Temple last time I was here, hopefully I won't leave another trail.
It was a beautiful spring day here with California Poppies, Cherry blossoms and Daffodils, festooning the embankments. Tall green grass feeding lambs, calves and kids, giving me a preview of what I can look forward to in the next few weeks at home. Emma said she was going for a walk with Mark since it was lovely at home as well. Refreshing to hear after the hard winter we've had, although it is too soon to announce "Spring" at home.
Thursday Courtney comes again and we ship out fiber and yarn, Suzanne look forward to awesome beaded yarn coming your way soon!

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