Thursday, February 28, 2008

Back at the factory

I got home last night about 9:30 pm to find three happy cats. Mo, Momma and Pee-Kitty were so happy to see me, it was not so much like walking into a huge empty tomb with their happy faces buried in the feed bowls. Mo couldn't wait for me to settle down for some good cuddles. I feel asleep with him stretched out across me, and woke to find his whiskery face next to mine.
I had lots of packages from spinners, but this morning I had to get my car serviced. So I'm sitting waiting doing some computer work. Tonight is Guild and I'm going! I have to pick up more fiber from spinners. I plan to spend the day in the dye studio tomorrow as I've had several calls ordering Lavender Moon! I gifted Sheila a skein of it and she is almost done knitting a "Neck Candy" and designing special buttons for this project. I did the thumb gusset of my gloves and am stuck, have to call Shelli (poor Shelli) about what happens next.
Becky and Jan (Spinning Ewe farms) both have the creeping crud that plagues everyone. Jan has got it so bad that she is going to the doctor.
I got to talk to Beth a good long while last night while I drove home and felt like she was driving in the car next to me, heaven. Cell phones might be considered a bane on the human race by some but for me it's a life line to family. The weather is absolutely glorious, warm spring breezes are caressing every tree and bud tickling them into exploding into color, I can hardly wait to show you the pictures of the garden. My camera batteries need to be re-charged so it will be tomorrow night before I can get to that. Safeway has the high speed internet and they are open until 1:00 am, which fits better for me than somewhere that closes at 8:00, but yes I'm mindful that I have to go to bed before midnight.
I'm going to retrieve my car and get to Marlyn's house for Guild meeting. I miss Knitterly all ready!

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Denise said...

Did your cards arrive?