Thursday, February 07, 2008

The day just gets better

Today started out pretty rough. All night the rain and wind beat at the house, and sometime in the night we had lost power. About 6:30 am Mo woke me and was mewing 'round the bedroom, he didn't want to go out in the horrible wet and cold. Not wanting any "clean up" projects I chased him around when suddenly the power went out again. This is the eeriest feeling. You don't realize how many little motors (heater for one) run in a "quiet" house, and in the dark of the early morning alone it's even spookier.
I threw Mo out to the elements and went back to sleep. Next thing I know it's daylight and still no power, not until 10:45 did we have anything. I did little things (moved around to keep warm) around the house until then.
Greg came to finish the painting, and I had a quick breakfast and then got to work. I went to the Post Office to see what the package was that needed to be signed for, and low and behold it was a new spinning wheel! I had ordered it and at the time heard two or three weeks and it left my mind.
Standing at the Post Office today searching my brain for something that I'd ordered, wasn't ringing any bells, so Mark (the Post Man not the new baby) opened it up. I met a new friend while we were opening it and she took the box and the "popcorn" away while I embraced my new wheel. It is a Womack Butterfly. I hope to do lots of "on the road" plying with this wheel as he built it specially to withstand my hard wear.
While in town (now really happy) I stopped at the hardware store (darn pipe ), and then the printers, (I love Paul of Paulson's printing). I came back and Greg was still working, so during a very short break in some very nasty weather I hopped out and FIXED THE PIPE! I will dye this evening. While it dries I got box after box delivered, singles and fiber came from all over. YEAH! I see plying tomorrow, tonight it's dyeing, finally.
Greg is almost done and put the Production room back together for me while he waited for plaster to dry. I loaded up more fiber to go out and now realized that I haven't had lunch, and it's dinner time.
I'm so excited about dyeing! I'm going to eat first. Fibery fun tonight!


monkeyspinner said...

Glad everything is up and running, Hope you and Mo are ok. Have fun at Madrona, so sad I can't go swamped with school-Autumn

Mary said...

How do you like your Womack Butterfly? I'm thinking of ordering one....