Monday, January 14, 2008

TNNA The Final Day!

It's done and so am I, the end of my legs which use to be called feet, are throbbing, swollen, and the sharp prickly feeling of what were blisters, rubbing against my slippers, ( we are out of band-aids) punctuates the throbbing. Let me tell you it's all been worth it. Just to see that "Aah" moment when another TFC convert (yarn crack addict) is made, there isn't anything better when you put this much work (blood sweat, tears, no sleep, no eating, well you get the picture) into it.
Mike came and so did Autumn (monkeyspinner) Mike is in the middle with Autumn on the left and Nancy George (Knit Stop), her new puppy Sammy is in her arms, on the right

The End, this amazed the other booth owners, that everything we took fit into this small of a square. You have to pay $55 a load to have the forklift person bring it the truck, this load fits exactly in Steven's truck. See Autumn on the right she packed up the booth with Shelli while Becky and I were still doing business.

This is what you see after the show ends, it is frightening...... until you realized that they are not real people, however everyone that had done the show felt like joining them.

Now when the glow fades it will be time for serious yarn production, if you are a spinner HELP. If you are a new yarn shop to TFC, don't worry, and thank you. If you aren't familiar with our yarn, also don't worry it's coming to a yarn shop near you. THANK YOU EVERYONE!


Anonymous said...

Hi Trish! Congratulations on your huge success!! Alan and I got the update from Shelli and all I can say is, Well Deserved. We don't spin in these parts (dang), but we love you and your yarn and could not be more happy for you. The Tanglewood Spell continues to spin its magic! Soak those tired feet, put on some comfy socks and enjoy this fantastic moment. Sending you a big hug,

Anonymous said...

Thanks Trish! I had so much fun, wish I could have been there the whole time. I posted on my blog, and I think every other sentence is Tanglewood ;P Thank you so much for the opportunity.It was great getting to meet you and the whole crew. I'm glad you guys did so well.I love your yarn and I'm a spinner!

Donna said...

It was great seeing you at TNNA. I am so happy to hear of your success. You deserve it. Congratulations!