Friday, January 18, 2008

And now back to our regularly scheduled insanity

I'm home, Mo is glad and I'm back to dial-up. It's a jammy day. It's cold outside and it snowed a little yesterday.
Another air trip mastered, although crying was involved, it was kindness that sent me into tears. Isn't great that it was the kindness of Don picking me up at the airport and the fact that Mike was all ready missing me that did it.

Coming back to the house is always lovely/awful. It's so good to get home, but the musty smell of disused cold house, the abandoned feel and the leftovers (that should have been thrown away) in the fridge make me feel sad that I ever leave.
I picked up the office upstairs (my departure from TFC is never good for the office), resumed the mail delivery, went grocery shopping, took things out of suitcases, but not really enough to call it unpacking and really looked over the orders. I called just about everyone to adjust the hasty scribbling of excited order makers and takers, how great it is that everyone was still excited about our yarn.
I have pictures, but again welcome to dial-up it took 20 minutes to down load just e-mails.
I need to start dyeing, however when I went to take some of the containers of food found in the fridge (whose door had not been opened in two weeks), I found Toby-Jack has been living in the dye studio. I have all the fiber in tubs, so not a total disaster, but his "customization" of the "living quarters" for two weeks has left a very potent "presence" that I'm not strong enough to deal with today.
The office must be straighten out, tax time cometh, but I'm feeling the bug that everyone shared at TNNA, and while I'm not sick I'd like to stay that way and Airborne is helping.

Yarn! I love yarn. I sent out four partial orders before I left LA to Knitterly, Wild Fiber, String and Knit Stop. If you are waiting for yarn or want some great yarn those are the places to go.

Newport Spin-In, Feb.2nd. my friend Julie has invited me to join her rooming in her vacation home there! This is where Newport Rocks was created!

The next weekend, Suzanne (Hill Country Weavers, Austin TX) is looking forward to "Austin Knits", she is hoping to organize some real knitting fun and I'm hoping to go to Austin!!!! Feb. 7-10th. This is the same weekend as Henley's (Every one remember that Henley is only his pre-natal name, we won't know what his post birth name is until the event has happened) Christening which is a total bummer.
Pat (Don's Mom) (I'm sure Deb (Emma's Mom) feels the same way) and I are trying to live a "normal" life and plan events but there is always the "but if" before the commitment on a date, as Henley's arrival has not happened yet, and if I'm any judge not until next Thursday, which is Jan's birthday, Emma's hoping I'm wrong.

I'm going to be at Madrona Fiber Arts Knitting Retreat the weekend of Feb. 14th. There will be Tanglewood Fiber Creation yarn to be purchased, if you have a special request or yarn need please contact Linda's Knit and Stitch in Silverdale WA. 360 698-7556 she will be our vendor at the show. I'll be the one happily spinning and listening the most knitting obsessed talk about our favorite subject KNITTING!
I have two roommates, Barbara (14th) and Leila (16th) wish them luck, can you imagine rooming with the roving sweat shop? I can't but they think they are good with it (they have been warned/advised), so whom am I.........
I promise to sleep and eat (there will be a "bottle" of some good scotch in my bag if your interested?) and not be too "Trish". Bonnie (Tea Time Garden) and Sarah (Soap lady and fiber/spinner/dyer Goddess) are both going to be there and I'm thrilled, if Bonnie and I don't ramp each other up so much we take the roof off of the hotel, again Barb and Leila have be warned/advised.

After all this fun I plan to go to Knitterly for the alternate to Stitches West! Shelli is having lots of specials and knitting fun instead of having a booth at Stitches West. I'm hoping to attend, but after the rest of the February's fun, lets see what happens.

March; I'm going to The Antique Spinning Wheel Showcase in Aurora OR. This event is a must, over 40 working antique spinning wheels will be in operation, I'm hoping to operate one of them.

The weekend after is Camp Burton. This is a weekend retreat for spinners, I'll need it.
I fly from Seattle to Los Angeles on March 16th to be with Mike on his birthday (Tax appointment don't worry Mike I'm working on it!). We are driving back in April and then having a week alone at Lonesome Cove Resort, on the island of San Juan WA. I hope to see my friends at Pelindaba Lavender Farms, but Mike and I need some time for ourselves and as Larry of Lonesome Cove says "the hardest thing is to decide what to eat and if you want to get up", sounds like heaven.
May I'm going to New York! More news to follow on that front......

It is bleak and a little lonely here. I'm going to unpack boxes and suitcases and get fiber ready to send out to idle spinners. Thinking about all the fun to come is exciting/exhausting.
I'm having a "little procedure" that "won't hurt me" says the doctor, (yeah ha, ha), on Tuesday, signs of aging, not in a good way. I'm planning on staying with Becky Tuesday night "just in case" I need to be looked after (also will put me in close proximity if Henley decides to make his appearance), Becky is a champ, wish her luck.

Jan is having lambs right and left. So far little to go into the locker, which is the good/bad news (sorry VEG.S). I'm hoping to get out to Spinning Ewe Farms this next week for more pictures of lambs. Becky is going tomorrow to help with shearing, if you want the best, clean-coated, wool, call Jan it goes fast.
I'm going to really going now and get to work. See you soon! I hope to get to high speed on Sunday when I stay at Becky's. She is taking me to "Walking with Dinosaurs". Not sure what exactly this will be (live action dinosaurs??) but it will be close to Don and Emma's "just in case".......

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Sheila E said...

I see you have your plate full....AGAIN...and I'm not just talking about yarn...loads to do Friend! Don't forget to take GOOD care of Yourself!!
I love reading your blog...and there's a Special Award for you waiting on mine!
Kisses ;)