Saturday, January 12, 2008

TNNA Day two

My feet are swollen and have more blisters on them, but in different places. I've got very little voice left, I'm hyped up on the adrenalin, and we have another day left.
People flocked to the booth, at one point I had left briefly and came back and there were people knitting, talking, sitting on all the chairs, on the couch and had pulled up chairs from the eating area and sitting on the floor, Val and I just walked on as Shelli and Becky seemed to have it handled. It was so nice to see people REALLY enjoying our space and the yarn, and expressing that in hard cash. I see my MVP (30,000 miles I'm at 11,000 now) status with Alaskan Airlines totally making it this year as everyone of them wants me to come to their shop, and I love going to knitting shops, I can see a lot of fun here, maybe more comfortable "fancy lady" shoes.
I don't know how many orders we took today, when a slow moment came, Shelli had Becky add up how many orders we had written, this is Becky telling me how much........

I had to put my head in between my legs and breath slowly
By the way if you spin, we have a job for you, and it looks like we may be able to offer a health plan!

Meet Myra Wood, she is going to teach Free Form Crocheting and two other classes at Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat, she is going to use this skien for one of her examples, it's Columbia Gorge-ous in 50% Cashmere/50% Silk, she is in love, she also was missing Sheila, we both had a moment, we love Sheila.....,

Another new face Karen! She use to work at Hill Country Weavers, but now lives part time on Vashon Island (WA) and part time in Seattle, she is the newest TFC spinner!!!!!

After the show we were all ravenous, we went to a wonderful restaurant called Allegra, Spanish food, and Flamingo guitar and dancer. See the empty Majito glasses? Shelli on the left, Suzanne in the middle, Marta on the end, but the lovely lady in between name escapes me at the moment I will update this tomorrow.

Another Majito later, I had my first Sangria this evening as well as a Majito....

Mo is wearing my scarf, I had to forcibly remove it.

Wow what a day. Henley is still enjoying fetus-hood. We are basking in the wonderful glow of success. I can think about how much yarn we are to make later.......Spinners get spinning!


Erin said...

I have a friend here in SLO who spins, and wouldn't mind some work.SHe's a stay at home mom with one baby and some time on her hands. Want me to mention it to her?

Sheila E said...

It warms my Heart to hear of your Success! That's just marvelous Trish...Wish that I was there selling ours as well! But....sounds like you have a booth full and needed the space!
Much Love to All!!

melissaknits said...


mary alice baker said...

SPinning? Health plan? I'm godsmacked! My head spins, but Melissa above^ sent me 6 messages to get in touch with you. Soo, I'm in touch with you. I'm 'forthebirds' on ravely and some of my homespun is in my stash. Take a peek. I dye, handcard, spin; even have a resume!
Welcome back from TNNA- seems like it was incredible!
Mary Alice

Myra said...

Cool!!!!! I covet the Gorgeous!!
I can't wait to see you and Sheila again next month at Madrona.
Fun, FUn, Fun!!