Friday, January 11, 2008

TNNA day one

I wish I had pictures but there wasn't any time to take them. Giving birth to Steven was well worth it today. Even though he knows about yarn and spinning only marginal he soon was up to speed and whooosh we were off, making new friends, selling yarn, making tea, feeding people, talking, talking, talking, talking. Mom made tea and Shelli!!! What didn't Shelli do. She sold yarn, she talked about knitting (sorry to say when it comes to really technical knitting talk my eyes glaze over) with Tanglewood, she brought more new people into the booth, she gave away her pattern for "Neck Candy" (you'll have to call Knitterly to get this pattern). I met a lady who knows Blair's family, and her children were in my 4-H club, after I was grown up.
I saw so many lovely knitted/crocheted garments I can't even begin to tell you about it. I've got to go to the Airport to get Becky! She is going to be working in the booth tomorrow, Steven is thankful that he doesn't have to wear a suit tomorrow. I have to tell you he was beyond a doll and a champ, so smooth, calm dashing talking about yarn with the ladies. If you need to hire a winner, this guy is it. I even got to eat, briefly and lightly but still it was good.
Pause here I went to the airport and got Becky.
Back to finish what I started, Becky flight was 1/2 hour early. It isn't raining but the yarn she has in her bag is in plastic. I'm starting to feel the day, my 'fancy lady shoes are pretty comfortable, however my little toe is quite swollen and there is a blister that is another blister on my big toe, and I'm just now feeling it. Maybe less "fancy lady" tomorrow.
Even though I really love spinning, and that's what I do for a living, and I am at a show to sell hand-spun, I got to sit at the wheel all of two minutes, but that's a good thing right?! I think with as well as we did today there will be lots of spinning in my future....
I called Emma to let her know I was sending her prayers and love, no baby here yet. Becky and I have both put our feet down about her having Henley before we get back, I'm not worried as Sheila says it's to be the 17th, I fly home on the 15th, we're good. I know Pat is hovering over the phone, I'm sending my love to her too. I am the "contact person" for this event, so please call me if you want updated information.
I missed Katie more today than any other day as I took lots of orders for "Katie's Painted Hills", I even wore a skein of it as a "scarf" to go with my fancy lady outfit.
Right it is now almost "0 hours" as the disembodied voice reminds me. Please send loving thoughts to Emma and Don, I'm good!

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