Thursday, January 10, 2008

The National Needle Arts

Wow my son is beyond wonderful I wonder what I did to deserve such a wonderful person in my life. He set up the booth and took care of the lighting, Shelli was there to help and while I took one car home and exchanged it for one that had another load in it.
This is what I got back to, doesn't Steven look happy.......I must say he has been a great sport.

Shelli (Knitterly) on the right and Suzanne (Hill Country Weavers) on the left are all ready to order yarn!

They went off to their class, I took Steven home, ate, showered, changed and went back to finish the set up. It was soon time to watch the Fashion Show.
This is the booth,
do you see what is missing? It's Sheila and Melissa! Both of them called to wish me luck, it is strange to be "on my own".
I went to the Fashion Show all by myself, but left with 4 new friends! Katrina is moving her yarn shop "Liscat" within walking distance from my house in Lakewood! I'm so excited and she is too. Shelli met her in a class and then I met her this evening, her friend Jennifer is a new pal and TFC convert. I sat next to two lovely gentleman from Michigan we soon were fast friends (as soon as they fondled my Newport Rocks scarf in Cashmere) they have a yarn shop, they've promised to come by and have a cuppa with me.
The fashion show was interesting somethings where WOW, WOW and some where OH NO WOW. It felt a little like being at "Project Runway", I kept wondering what the scores were and who would win, and then flashed it was real! I got to see some of the lovely displays, this will propabily be my only chance to see things as I hope to be busy, if only to be spinning, there is still work to do.
Tomorrow I will wear my "Fancy Lady" outfit with "the" shoes. Off to bed as tomorrow is an early morning, continue good thoughts it seems to be working.


Sheila E said...

It looks REALLY lovely Trish!!
Great Job Steven!!
Boo Hoo!! Wish I was there!!
Best of Luck is coming your way!
Much Love!!

Anonymous said...

The booth looks great and so... like you want to sit down and knit ;) your son looks like he needs a piece of pie, but I m sure he is happy to help his mom out. Hope you get lots of orders!