Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ready?! Set?!

The day started cool and early. I went to bed very early last night, Mike insisted. Alexandra said "I've noticed that your a person that does remarkably better, less manic, for a good night's sleep", so I listened.
I had two messages, from Shelli, her flight arrived at 9:00 am in Orange County not 11:00 am in Long Beach (John Wayne Airport isn't close to Long Beach by any stretch for those of you not familiar with Southern Cal. not that I mind, except it meant I was all ready running late) Good thing I got up early! I quickly started to get the shower ready when I realized that I have no hair dryer. Becky had taken her hair dryer when she moved.
Off to the airport and then back to Long Beach (by the way Shelli brought the whole of her stock of TFC yarn!!!) Checked in with TNNA and then back home. Off to find Steven's suit, he had taken it 18 months ago to the cleaners, can you believe they still had it! Then off to get Steven's hair cut, shopped for the last few items (sugar, cooler and extra crunchy peanut butter), including a hair dryer. Back to downtown Long Beach to fetch some more singles ala Alexandra. Then Steven and I tackled the relabeling, it went very quickly, the yarn that needs to be skiened and labeled is going to stay that way. Somethings just have to be "let go" Shelli says, without seeing how much yarn I have, it's enough, so enough.
Here is the truck all packed for tomorrow morning bright and early. I'm so thankful to my husband and son. I can't imagine that we have forgotten anything as Mike had me make a list and then double checked things off for me. Steven carried lifted and "retied a bunch of knots".

Here is Steven under strict instructions not to make it a late night!!! He even is loaning his truck for the "cause".

This time last year Becky and I hadn't even a clue what we were doing and didn't arrive to set up until after 8:00 pm on set up day. This year I'm packed almost a day ahead of time. Katie's spirit hovers over everything, we're both so sorry (happy) she has another job and can't be here. I'm beyond thankful to Katie for all she did for TFC. I talked to another shop owner tonight that didn't have such a good time with her intern this past summer. KATIE ROCKS!
Now to take a shower and get another early night! Wish us luck (pray, meditate what ever) for tomorrow!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds hectic. I left you a note on raverly yesterday. But I think you'll be very busy today. Let me know if help is needed. IT sounds like it will go off pretty well. Be calm it will go good :P