Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Making wishes come true

You have to make your wishes come true. I think it is important to feed your soul even at a time when you think you can least afford it.
Flying into LAX in rain isn't good. My suitcases were damaged and sopping wet, yes you got it all the yarn wet, labels melting onto cashmere yarn, ink, mush mess, the other suit case was as wet and damaged. News flash, Alaskan Airlines isn't interested in damaged yarn due to rain, and isn't "libel" for outside damage to suitcases.
I had taken a pill, and therefore somewhat emotional as two days worth of work with no sleep for Becky and I. There I was wet drugged, tired and hungry faced with a slightly unhelpful/overwhelmed customer service rep. trying to decided how much damage to the yarn had happened, which was impossible to tell and besides that no one cared. Everyone's suitcases were damaged/wet/missing from this flight and no one was happy with the fat lady crying about "stupid" yarn.
Steven had parked and came to help, but had parked across the airport and so we walked, through the rain, him with a drugged crying Mom lugging huge broken suitcases (at one point the cart toppled off the sidewalk and into on coming traffic landing into a huge pot hole, leaving his cart, trying to rescue my cart, his trolly then takes off across the road into the same traffic that is trying to avoid the crying fat lady, suitcases, trolly and frantic large young man) across a very busy crowded frantic LAX. I have vague memories of being cold wet and sad.
I must have sounded very bad as we ordered food to pick up on the way home as I had eaten at 9:00 am and it was now 9:45 pm. The man on the phone was very nice and kept the restaurant open until we got there right at 10:00 pm. My husband was awake and all of us began opening suitcases filling the flat surfaces with yarn, me sort of crying with every damaged skein, as flashes of Becky's red tired eyes from the night (all right technically earlier that morning) before saying "Mom it's 2:00 am we HAVE to go to sleep" haunted my drugged brain.

The next morning I awoke late and still somewhat drugged, and unpleasantly surprised that not only was there no breakfast tea, but no milk. I found some old Earl Grey and bucked up.
While drinking an unpleasant cup of Earl Grey I opened mail. In it was a Holiday card from my second longest time friend Monique.
Monique and I met while in Honors Band while I was in Junior High, (she played flute and I played Bassoon) and then we both ended up at the same high school, I sat behind her in band and orchestra. We ended up dating good friends so our paths crossed again. Monique went to college and worked while I just worked. I have never known someone to work so hard as Monique. We would go out for fun and poor Monique would fall asleep. She spent many (many) years in school and got her Community Health Education BS or Nursing degree then went on to her master's I can't remember what came when. While I had babies and did the housewife thing. She also got married to the most wonderful Dale, while taking care of her aged Grandmother and working as a Cardiac Surgical nurse, plus there was a lot of school. Plus she has always been a cat person a love that we have not always shared. She now has a Maine Coon type Cat. Now we have another common bond. Here is her (present day) cat Mojito

and her other new cat Mollie

This is our other MCC Cyruss, isn't he so like Mojito?

Time passed, and when Mike moved to California, and I was involved in starting TFC we sort of lost touch, hey Monique is BUSY!
Last night I was suppose to go to a spinning meeting and then have a date with my husband. I instead had dinner with Dale and Monique. I talked and laughed and caught up with years of news, very little about yarn, only what it's like to run a successful business. I didn't knit, spin or worry about labels, weather, etc.
I got home at 1:30 am, and you know I'm not even tired. I'm reenergized. That's what it takes when you need a soul boost

After I had opened the mail and finished the unpleasant cup of tea, I collected my things and went to my brother's house and was greeted by my brilliant SIL Val and my Mom.
The kettle was started and the work began, Val is a graphic artist

and did a fantastic job for TFC, price list and information brochure, she worked while my phone rang and TFC business took place. Becky's first day of her new job began so there was lot's of information back and forth in addition to the normal phone traffic of TFC.
Sheila is snowed in and won't be attending TNNA, Melissa has a family crisis and isn't coming either, I'll be at TNNA on my own. I can't think about that now I need to cope with the huge basket of yarn to be somehow re-labeled.
Shelli (Knitterly) and Suzanne (Hill Country Weavers) are arriving tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to their visit, if nothing else happens, this is enough to make me happy. I'm well, my family is well and happy and nothing more is that important. Lesson learned. Come Friday I know that my Mom, Steven and I will have tea and comfortable seat and several knitting friends will come to see us, more than that will be gravy. I send loving thoughts to Sheila and Melissa.
Mike is coming home to a home-cooked meal..... I love that man.

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