Friday, January 04, 2008

I miss you

I miss ewe Beth! I miss Shadow and our spinning nights watching Darling Buds of May. My chairs are fixed and the heater is fixed (we now have hot air in my bedroom/spinning room). I miss our long talks and I miss Gary and Ms. G and Larry. I drove by your house and they have painted your walls (a ukky green color) .
I miss my friend Blair too. I missed her annual Holiday party for the second year in a row. I miss being able to go out with a friend, or making a non-business related phone call. It will be better but now I'm really overwhelmed.
My electricity is out and I'm down at Joe's where they have electricity and food and tea and a lighted bathroom.
I'm freaking because this interrupts my production (all ready impossible to make that much yarn in the two days left before I fly down to LA, but it has to be done, note to self; don't be on the road the 6 weeks before TNNA next year) schedule most effectively, but probably gives me some distance (and food) and gets me out in the world.
The wind blew at our house today, gusts to 60 mph. There are branches everywhere, hoping the roof didn't loose anymore roof tiles. We are starting to find more and more with each storm. This morning when I came down the stairs was the first since Christmas there was no snow on the ground.
Talking about the state of the house/yarn factory, Mike accomplished at lot in the time he was home. Thanks to him the dye studio has more and better placed lights (and we took the trash to the dump and recycled boxes) and a new dye station set up, which means I now can see the (now) 7 dye pots while I'm dyeing. He also replaced light bulbs, lighting the production room and "the singles" hallway. The best is he replaced the lights in the bathroom. They are beautiful (even without electricity) and a 14 year dream come true. He is now talking about an whole new space for the massive storage needs and a proper dye studio, with ventilation, drain holes in the floor, a main gas tank etc (can I even dream about radiant heat floors/air conditioning?).
I did 10 pounds (between the massive amount of spinning and the dyeing I'm so sore) yesterday. Thanks to the heater being fixed the yarn and fiber dried overnight. Making me more frantic that I should be spinning and not blogging, but there you are.
A lot of people are in town tonight, must be a big black-out up in the hills.
I have no pictures (other the one Beth sent me) as I've been making yarn. Lots of yarn, and yet not enough. We are having a spinning/skeining party tomorrow (if you have a wheel and want to spin Cashmere just come!). Becky is coming to label, Audrey is coming to spin and Diane G is coming for more fiber. Good thing I dyed yesterday, it would have been impossible to do it tonight.
I have beaded yarn to do tomorrow, I have put it off for long enough (I can hear Shelli saying "darn right Trish").
If you are going to be at TNNA I'll be in booth 970 with tea and a comfortable seat.


Anonymous said...

Aww, I want to go to TNNA but only in industry. I'm glad Im down in So CA rather then Northern Ca. Please be safe while in transit, as it is bad down here.

Laura said...

Xanax cures a lot of things.

But seriously, it will be all right. Really.