Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Happy Happy

Again with the happy! We've just left the Turrentine Family, Henley Hornbrook is very large and making Emma tired, the last two weeks start tomorrow.

Steven at the Music Experience, not use to getting up early

I had no idea when I picked out the purple outfit that I would find a purple wall

We had brunch here day before yesterday, the view was outstanding,

as you can see

More glass thinking about Shelia (Ernst) again

Neil and Jan wearing hats spun and knit by Becky from their ram Toby

I had my spinning chair fixed along with it's mate. These chairs have been broken for years and have become so uncomfortable. Victor came today and fixed them. While fixing them he asked for some yarn for tying flies (fishing). Anna left some of the blend that I had prepared for a man that ties stone flies, so while he fixed I spun his yarn. Here is Victor with his yarn and the bill

I'm spending the night at Becky's so I don't feel lonely for Mike and Steven, who left this morning at 2:30 am.

This means Mo has to spend a chilly night outside. Becky is plying while we watch the final season of Rome! Left my spinning at home as I brought another load of things for Becky. I dyed yesterday and spun the best batch of Columbia GORGE-ous in Cashmere and silk that I have ever dyed.
Tomorrow I'm back to dyeing and spinning! I'm looking forward to a peaceful day of production.

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