Saturday, January 19, 2008

Come out come out where ever you are

Henley is still hiding. I carried my cell phone glued to my body, every time it rang, I jumped (more so than usual) to answer, and as welcome as it was to talk to the people that called me, the most "important" call didn't come. We are all trying to give Emma and Don their space, but I have an overwhelming urge to just sit and watch Emma's every move, I think (hope it's just not me) every expectant "Grandparent" must feel.
Meanwhile life goes on. I got to SPIN today, I spun almost three bobbins while attending the NwRSA area 6010 meeting. We chatted and laughed and talked. It was so great to be with people that have known me for 10 or more years. Everyone of these ladies are great spinners. It's humbling to be in the company of really good spinners.
I talked to my SIL Janet. If you have ever noticed the lovely glass pendent that I wear with Daffodils and Wisteria, both some of my favorites (of course most people know that my ultimate favorite flower is Lavender), Janet made a different one for each of us Sister In Laws. She made them with love and wearing love rocks.
I then went to my neighbor Ann's Birthday Party. I didn't listen when she said it was a wine tasting party nor did I know it was her birthday, I heard "would you like to come over" and my mind was so excited that I was invited to a party, and that I was going to see my good friend Ann, I didn't hear details.
Her daughter Kate is studying wine and presented us with 6 selections and told us all about wine, and pairings of food. We drank some wonderful stuff (I like the Riesling). Kate made breads, Madeline's, and these delectable caramelized onion and lamb turnovers in the best crust. UMMMMMM, lots of very interesting information. I knew what "legs" where (thank you Jan and Neil) and were familiar with some of the language, which after 6 glasses of wine got a little more "peppered, and not at all flowery"
I took notes, I know more about wine and am so thankful to be included!
Just was notified that it is "0 hours" so off to bed! I have to be rested in case "the call comes" at least all I have to do is drive to Portland, poor Pat has to come by plane...........Note to Pat; it would be quicker if I picked you up instead of riding MAX!
Ok ok off to bed

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Sheila E said...

Well now....a little Aquarius!
Tomorrow is Michael's birthday...couldn't be in better company!
Keeping the faith! Give my Love to Mom, Dad...and Henley!.....OH Yeah...and you too!!
Let me know all the info....