Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Pipes the pipes are .......

My dye studio is out of commission for a little while. One of our pipes outside froze and broke so the dye studio is out of order until I can get it fixed and the outside water on. In years past this kind of event would put the house out of commission but Mike sorted that out a year or two ago, so now if pipes go we just turn the outside water off.
My personal pipes are fine no cancer, stones or anything nasty.
I'm at Emma and Don's using the high-speed and having tea and NOT talking about babies.
This is Henley's birth tub!

Becky picked me up from the airport, the next thing we know she has a flat tire. Thank goodness for Jeremy he's the working one

And Tom fancies himself the "ladies man" Becky didn't think so

However both are very nice and if you are stuck in Portland at 11:30 pm then call Security Towing
When I finally got home both Mo and Momma kitty came running. Again the frantic MEOWWWWW came from a near by tree....

Yes that is a plastic bag caught around her, it was fast removed and no permanent damage to Pee Kitty
When everyone got into the nice warm house, food, Mom,( it was very frozen outside), Mo gave a huge sigh and looked so cozy in "his" chair

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