Wednesday, December 26, 2007

White Christmas

It's lovely having all my little family together. Just as we had finished breakfast and started to open gifts it started to snow lovely big flakes. I have my final season of Rome! We have a lot of smoked salmon, purchased not only at the farmers market in Marin but Steven bought some for the family too. We now have two copies of "White Christmas". Here are more pictures (it's good to have my camera back.)
Becky volunteered to cook the dinner

Our little live tree decorated by Becky with the gift certificate from SIL Val

This is for all of Dad's friends at Long Beach Container, isn't our white Christmas wonderful

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Sheila E said...

Beautiful Turkey....Beautiful Tree....Beautiful Snow....Beautiful Family!!
Happy Days to You and Yours!!
See you in a couple of Short Weeks ;)
Looking forward to it!!
Many Hugs All Around!!