Friday, December 28, 2007

Having a good time

Boxing Day we awoke to see the snow but diminishing. Becky made breakfast and then we went to her new apartment in NW Portland. Here are some first pictures but not perfect yet. There are still things to hang, place and furniture to purchase but look how cute this place is

The next day (yesterday) the snow started again as we packed the car to go on our long debated and awaited family vacation to Seattle

Here are some shots of Pikes Place Market

This shot is for Emma and Don, Becky has her eye on a great tea pot, unfortunately she needs a toaster more...and I have to say looks a lot like my grandmother here, I think it is the hat and the hands and the "look" it's just the way about her at this moment

We went to Cutters and today plan to visit the underground Seattle and the Music Experience along with dining at the Space Needle. Becky is then leaving our group to go to a cooking lesson with her friend Randy.
You might have gathered that not a lot of yarn is getting done. My family said it's a vacation and to relax.... 10 days until TNNA. I'm not freaking, but oh spinners get to the wheel soon. Mike and Steven are leaving with the first part of our display for TNNA on the 31st so Becky and I will be chained to the wheels after that.

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