Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Happy Happy

I am so happy today! I have a meal (I didn't have to make ) before me, it's not snowing/raining/cold
(It has been snowing)

(This is the scene yesterday it rained an inch)

and my husband and son are on their way from California as I write this. Becky is moved (I was the moving man I'm so sore...) into her apartment (pictures to follow) and is shopping with a very gravid Emma. I have a short list of " things to do" before the day is out. I've been to the post office (sorry it's a holiday gift not Christmas) it took a rubbermaid tote to get it all into the car and then into the post office.
I did laundry that I didn't have to put into a suit case! Even though we are going to Seattle for two days for our Christmas Gift it's not an event that I have to pack a spinning wheel and 20 pounds of yarn for. My camera is fixed this is the proof a test shot at Columbia Audio- look genius at work

and as promised here are pictures.
Beth is a Skiing instructor somewhere sort of near Walla Walla WA. Anna has moved (taking my Charlie!!!WAAAA) back to Miami FL. and it is 14 days until TNNA, and we have no yarn.
Diane G called this morning and is in love with the Camel/Silk spinning, which is great news as we have a huge amount of it to spin, she knows she weighed it out all 8 pounds of it. Here is her daughter Hannah knitting a lovely holiday scarf,
although this child is planning ahead (a future business manager ???) it is for July 4th! Here in Saint Helens that day is traditionally cold and if not raining it's close.
Look what we found! These are stained glass window's my Mother in Law made...when we don't know but so happy they made their way to Oregon and my house. Mike has a long "honey-do" list, making these hanging ready is on the list

not to be confused with this window we saw in NYC at the "Met",

Last night we partied with Jan and Neil and a celebration it was; LAMBS ARE HERE! Everyone all ways asks if I have sheep. As I can't take care of me, a fish or the cats, the answer is no, not right now! Jan does a fine job, but doesn't get to spin very much. Becky is going to spend a few days lambing with Jan after Christmas and before she starts her "real" new job.
Look at the joy in my daughter's face. This is a brown ewe lamb, you don't get better than that at Jan's. This lamb and her brown sister (twins pure heaven) were born yesterday about an hour before we got there.

I'm in love

Can't get enough lamb......

There is so much to tell and I've missed sitting quietly and banging on the computer. We've been back to Knitterly but missed our party:>( Shelli and Jeff took us to San Francisco for a lovely day out we had crab and bought some gifts and had more cupcakes.
We are hoping to see the entire Turrentine (Well all most, Matt and Erin I think are staying home) family this week, they are driving up the day after Christmas as Emma is just "too close" for transportation anywhere. We are hoping to have a scrabble or cranium board game party, I get Mike for a partner!!
I need to spin, ply, dye, knit like crazy to get ready for TNNA but today I'm celebrating! Have a blessed peaceful holiday, remember it is only a day and not being stressed is the best present you can give your family!

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