Friday, December 14, 2007

We're on the road and at the Ramada, again!?

This is a week ago this past Wednesday. This is me doing the gangsta look, at Times Square

Becky and I are at the Ramada in Medford OR. We are going to Knitterly with more yarn than we thought and shipped off three boxes, one to Hill Country Weavers, one to String! and one to Knit Stop. On the way south we stopped by Drain OR. to have dinner with Sheila and Michael Ersnt, it was so good to get a hug on the road, see we made it Sheila! She was worried, which made me think I must have looked tired, which I was.
We can't believe 11 days ago we were at the Ramada in Newark NJ.
My camera is in the shop, and we all hope it can be fixed. Becky's camera/computer is still acting up and even high-speed can't help things. I dyed 6 pounds of fiber yesterday and moved all the furniture from the trailer so that we could use the trailer today. I managed to spend a little time in the office, but not enough. Becky found my filing system, and freaked, and scheduled some office time next week.
I'm not sure what day, Monday we'll be driving home from Petaluma, Tuesday we'll be moving her into her new apartment, and having a fair-well dinner for Anna, Chris and Charlie (they are moving back to Miami FL.). Wednesday will have to be another dye day, etc. etc. I'm thinking by Friday the office will be looking better. My computer voice has announced that it is 23:00 hours, which is way past my bed time. Tomorrow fun with Shelli and the Knitterly crew.
PS wow Knitterly has a blog..... check it out

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Sheila E said...

What a Wonderful treat to have dinner with you & Becky Rose!! ;) Thanks so much for that!!
AND....thanks for letting me know that you arrived in Medford safely!
I will rest easy now!
Have a great time at Knitterly....I know you will!