Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Home again Home again jiggity jog

I'm home but not for long. We are still having photo difficulties but everyone is pitching in to help us out. Sandi sent Alan's picture of the hat she knit. This is her note;"I finally finished Alan's hat. After many attempts what finally worked was a modified version of Elizabeth Zimmermann's Ganomy Hat." I love it!

I got a note from Nancy George (Knit Stop) who is in Newport Beach Ca. and knitting on Newport Rocks! This is the scarf she is knitting!!! I think it is in Cashmere and Silk as that was the skein I last saw her fondling.

This photo is for Katie! She was awarded two awards for her work at Tanglewood Fiber Creations! I think it was Outstanding Merit and earned a special award that has never been awarded before, however the brain just remembers that there were two Katie will have to forward me the notification, and I'll pass it along. I'm so proud of her and she graduates on Sunday! She also received two year's membership in TNNA so hopefully we'll be seeing her on the floor. This picture is from an e-mail I got, and Emma thought that Katie would love it. Maybe one day her dog will meet Henley Hornbrook.....

We worked like spiders or caterpillars yesterday, today it was all about business and some paper work. I was suppose to dye today, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. We went shopping with Emma this evening and found lots of lots of fun holiday. Friday we are going to Petaluma to get Becky's Hoosier cabinet and do a little spinning and take some yarn for Shelli's secret project! Thanks again to everyone for such a great trip!

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Denise said...

I just love that last picture, Trish, it's adorable!