Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Last night in The City

The day started slowly, being time aware challenged, even in my own time zone, now it's even worse. My body wants to sleep when it should be eating and eat when it should be sleeping and well it's just messed up. This morning was blowing snow again. Biting little flakes this is me being all New York style having Earl Grey for breakfast, although it's a cover for not being quite awake.

When we arrived at String there was a mountain of Tanglewood Fiber Creation yarn you can barely see the ladies knitting for all the yarn (Shelli do you see your two skeins of Camel and Silk on the table don't worry it's in the bag....)

Here is Lydia caught by the Tanglewood Fiber Gotta Knit it bug. Lydia fell in love with a beaded skein of Newport Rocks, went home with it last night and knit a scarf, however it didn't look "right" or "special enough" so she took it out and started a neck warmer, shades of Shelli at Knitterly!

Here is what the shop looked like all day, note the dazed expressions on everyone, this is what a day with Trish in the shop looks like! All these ladies are now fans and patron's of our Tanglewood Fiber Creation yarn.....

Becky made me go to lunch at 3:00 this afternoon, I wasn't hungry so high on the lovely energy of spinning on top of all the creating energy of knowing what people want to do with our yarn. One lady was on the phone with her friends in Oklahoma, whom were looking at the blog for pictures of the yarn while she tried to describe what she was holding in her hands, the long suffering husband was a good sport and we chatted (but it wasn't like Allen, my favorite still!), at this point Becky dragged me kicking a screaming (quietly) out to get lunch, halfway through, pow goes my coat with the camera in it onto the floor. The camera is not right, little pieces are in my pocket. I jammed things together without the little pieces, but it's not right and no longer works.
Tonight we went on the Holiday Lights tour, oh my it was wonderful! Three hours of fun and we saw all of Manhattan! Including Time Square, the Twin Towers site, and The tree at Rockefeller Center and the light show at Grand Central Station all marvelous, if you get a chance Becky has pictures on her blog. We had dinner at Lindy's famous for the cheesecake, not either of our favorites, however this was beyond wonderful. We got a lady cab driver that spoke english and whom knits! Valerie was her name (HI!) but now it's off to bed as we are whacked tired. Tomorrow is the Chelsea Meat Packing walking tour, tonight it was 26 degrees.... and then Becky flies home to Portland and I go to Indianapolis to Knit Stop for more knitting fun! Good night!! Happy Birthday Sheila!

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monkeyspinner said...

Wow, seems like quite the adventure. Stay warm and enjoy it, only rain here :)