Tuesday, December 04, 2007


We survived our first day in NYC. The morning began with blowing snow (Lake effect) and wind-chill in the single digits at an early 8:00 am (we finally got into our room about 2:30 am which made Becky was less than enthusiastic about rising) We quickly got packed up and then waited about 20 mins. for a ride back to the airport. When we got to the airport 4 large suitcases waited then got onto the air-train then waited for the train to NYC. Many "Redcoated" people helped us with directions, but once onto the train it was another story. We got off (remember 2 very heavy large suit cases, two smaller but equally heavy ones plus coats, back packs, computers etc) only to find that there are two Penn Stations, back onto the train and off again.
NYC is old. The elevators were out and signage is spotty at best rehabilitation is going on everywhere. We hustled up to street level only to find a long line of cab waiting people. We decided to bag the tour we had booked (we were too late anyway) and just go straight to the room. Spartan is a gracious description of our housing. We knew from the internet that this was a "no frills" place but after our trek through the city it looked like heaven. Truth be told the beds are better than the Ramada Inn.
Becky trying out our bed
this is the view from the bed and our only light, remember Spartan

We unloaded and reloaded our bags taking only the spinning wheel and a huge suitcase of yarn to String!
Our early arrival gave Linda a start but suggested what to do next, since it was 1:00pm in the afternoon and not one crumb or cuppa had past our lips we opted to eat, so messed up with the time change and our lack of sleep we melted into the first place and had blintz's and bagels with Lox. Two cups of tea and food we were somewhat restored, bummed that we missed our food tour of Greenwich Village we decided to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. WOW we saw a huge amount of Egyptian artifacts, and then decide to see the American Arts, wow, and then Becky wanted to see the Jackson Pollack's, a man came out of a door looking official so I asked him, "do you have any Jackson Pollack's?" "Yes, 6 or 7", with a very cheeky look, "here let me take you to them", and off we go for a behind the scenes walk along with, if not "The Curator" a man of some distinction (as he was greeted by several people with much adulation) "here you go ladies enjoy your visit!". We tried to see as much as we could but our "tour guide" told us that it is the largest museum in the world.
A short time later my feet and hands began to swell, and suddenly the "wind beneath my feet" blew me over and another cup of tea was in order. A bottle of water didn't go amiss either.
We returned to String! and met so many lovely people, spinning put me into the "zone" and the day's trials melted away. At some point Becky said it was time to go and find something to eat, again onto the streets of NYC, this time with only purses in tow, here is the haven we found for dinner.....

We had a great meal and the quiet atmosphere was just the ticket. A short taxi ride later finds us back at the Candy Hotel.. Tomorrow is an all day spinning ( I love spinning I really do love it) day at String!, and then a tour of the Holiday Lights of New York City! Happy Hanukah!!!


Sheila E said...

Wish I was with you two Sweet Ladies!! I hope that you both got a good nights sleep and are up and running again today!
Love the pictures and all the *to doo*!!
Have a great day!
Can't wait to hear all about it!!

Denise said...

Sounds like you're having a fun trip!