Saturday, December 08, 2007

It's a Bird it's a plane, it's Tanglewood Fiber Creations!

The camera is being too stubborn so pictures are going to have to wait until I get home. I'm being picked up at 7:15am so bed is a must tonight. Marilyn is the name of the blog reader! Thanks Marilyn! I've made so many new friends here and feel so warm and welcome. Nancy George is so creative and we were designing yarn up until the last moment tonight she even did some plying! Her staff is so great and sweet, Thanks to you all for making my visit here relaxing and lovely.
I fly home tomorrow morning via Newark NJ, I'm going to try and get a direct flight home though so wish me luck. My cases are packed, but I'm coming home with only 5 skeins of yarn. I shipped 26 pounds of yarn to String and brought another 10 pounds with me, 5 skeins is only 1lb. 4 oz.'s. WOW you all have made a dream come true for me and everyone that works for Tanglewood Fiber Creations.
You can't begin to understand how unexpected and wonderful this adventure is for me. It wasn't too many years ago that my life was all about doctors and hospitals and a lot of hard terrible times, that makes this time all the sweeter for me and a dream come true.
Today I met 4 lovely spinners whom came to the Spinning Beyond the Basics class today. Nita, Pricilla, Nancy (Martin) and Pat. We had the best time spinning and talking about spinning and fiber and sheep and everything. Pat was a great help, sharing her spinning experiences with us all. Nita and Nancy are spinning canine down. Nita has an Old English Sheep dog and Nancy is spinning Wolf for a rescue and rehabilitation center's fund raiser. Pat is the greatest spinner and really didn't need a class but it was fun for her to be there, and it was a great thing for us as well. Pricilla is a great spinner and I think she is hooked on Cashmere and Silk spinning! Her Shetland Wool yarn is dreamy and she has a wonderful spinning hand.
Nancy George plied some yarns tonight! We plied some mohair locks with some hand-spun and different commercial yarns ask to see them when you are next in Knit Stop! I have taken her rabbit down and am going to ply it with some Cashmere and Silk. Lots of fun and wonderful pictures but more later when we have the camera thing sorted out and I've slept a full day and night!


Nita said...

Trish, thank you so much for taking the time to share your expertise, stories and lovely fibers with the "Spinning Beyond the Basics" group. I look forward to your next trip to Indianapolis!
Also, a big thanks to Nancy George for letting us "take over" The Knit Stop and giving us the opportunity to meet.

Nita M.
Greensburg, IN

Denise said...

Congratulations on your sales success, Trish!

Best of luck with your trip home.