Friday, December 07, 2007

The day everything was perfect

Everything went right today. I was able to sleep in, I ate lunch on time (breakfast didn't happen I was sleeping) I had great pizza for dinner, and my bag with spinning wheel and yarn arrived at the shop about a half an hour after I did. I got to sit and spin. Several people came to see me from Ravelry and one lady that looks at the blog! (HI I'm sorry I don't remember your name but e-mail me).This is a picture Nancy took of a Caplet that she made out of our yarn and some of our yarn on top to show when I ring her cell phone! Isn't it a wonderful picture!

Knit Stop is beautiful and has every kind of yarn (Not Lions Brand but us yarn snobs don't care) you can imagine. Nancy and I spent the time visiting and non-stop talking about knitting and patterns and colors and cashmere and the new 50% Baby Camel 50% Silk (that Shelli (Knitterly) is making a secret project out of for TNNA), and yak and..... She had two of the sweetest Pom's come to visit the shop, I loved them and missed my Mo even more. I got to see part of a state I have never visited before, all was wonderful. I'm still very sleep deprived but hope to catch up on sleep tonight, I've left knitting and spinning wheel behind. I have lovely pictures to post from Becky's camera, which is safe and I have all power cords to every piece of electronics safely at hand. A bonus is that while looking for cords I found the chocolate treats from Emma's Baby shower and now enjoying a little with some Glen while I wait to download pictures.....
This is a picture from NYC at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, This atrium was wonderful a great place to sit and think and rest

Becky's camera is a little wonkey and not downloading fast enough and now the battery is dead so I'm bagging the photos and trying again tomorrow! Spinning Beyond the Basic's class tomorrow and more Angora rabbit spinning from Penelope Knit Stop bunny (Nancy has an Angora Bunny!! How great is that)


Cindra said...

Great blog! Love your yarn, can't wait to knit it up! It was so nice meeting you in person!

Sheila E said...

Yippee some sleep!! How GREAT is THAT!! Glad that you are having a good time..but then, I know you and whenever you are Happy!!!
Love the pictures!!

Marilyn A said...

Hey, Trish, it's Marilyn, the one who reads your blog! It was wonderful meeting you and petting all the wonderful handspun goodies you brought along. Please don't forget to save 2 good-sized skeins of that camel goodness for me. Hope your trip home is safe and uneventful!