Friday, December 28, 2007

Another day same city (that would be Seattle WA)

No knitting no yarn, but lots of interesting things here in Seattle WA
This building is one of Seattle's oldest and "most beautiful" (the sign told us) but there is a secret...

Here under ground is a whole other Seattle pre-fire (1889) it is a great tour well worth the $14 a person. I took this shot to see what was in the dark cavern, what do you know! A lot of this tour is like this, with some weird debris and odd disjointed spaces.

Very Pompeii-esk don't you think? The owner of this place had hand turned these columns, isn't great that a hundred years later I could appreciate his work and dedication. Do you think that he took the hand stenciling inspiration from Pompeii?, is there something deeper meaning here, is the glass of Riesling getting to me?

Introducing Jo, our Tour Guide, don't you know she's a knitter!! She fondled the Columbia GORGE-ous Cashmere/Silk scarf that kept me warm on this very blustery, spitting sleety rain winter's day.

Here is Al, he is a fur seal. I thought that if we could harvest the fur off of this guy (without killing him of course) it would be some awesome down... yarn I love yarn

Sunset at 4:20 in the afternoon, the only time it wasn't either raining or sleeting. It was a lovely low key day.

Becky is off with Randy, Mike is watching the Oregon State Football game and Steven is laying down (he is not use to being awake during the day) and I'm drinking a lovely Oregon Riesling in the bar of our hotel. Tomorrow we have a reservation at the eatery in the Space Needle. I think we will visit the Music Experience and then drive home to St. Helens and have the Turrentine Family over for games (either scrabble or Cranium). Mike and Steven are due to depart Dec. 31 when the work for Becky and I will begin!

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Sheila E said...

Happy Days!! Glad to hear that everyone in the family spirited you away to a lovely respite!!
Becky's new home is beautiful!!