Saturday, November 17, 2007

Road Trip ends

Here is the last day of our road trip our trip through the redwoods, and the Trees of Mystery. The Tree's of Mystery is on 101 and looks from the outside a real tourist trap, and there is an element of that but the wonderful preservation of the redwoods and the Gondola ride was beyond outstanding. They have a "museum" of Native American artifacts, which rivels the Southwest Indian Museum in Southern California. The basketry from all the tribes where worth the price of admission. You just have to stop there.
This a view from the Gondola

Here is a "greeter" at the Safeway in Crescent City. We were having a picnic in the car, he wanted to join us.

A river runs through it. We were on 199 from Crescent City to Grants Pass OR. It was so

Moss I love Moss

Moss, Moss and more Moss

Catheral Tree, wouldn't be wonderful to be married here? How 'bout it Mike want to renew our vows here on the 30th

Brotherhood Tree

At the end of the Gondola ride and this blog

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