Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Road Trip day 6

As usual time awareness is not my strong point and today is Day 6 of the epic mother-daughter road trip. Today was a traveling day. We made it to Eureka Ca.!

The morning dawned bright and early. Shelli has a date every week with George a friend's 21 month old, today was his day to come. We were so entertained that it was hard to leave.
Becky had wrestled with the should I should I not get the Hoosier Cabinet, so we went to get a card so that she could call if she decided to get it later. Of course they made us a deal we couldn't refuse and she laid down some cash, and will pay a little more later. This solved the where do we put a cabinet problem.
It was 1:00 pm by this point and a 10 hour drive with no stops sounded terrible, so plan "B" we went up the coast to see the Redwoods. We wanted to get to the Motel of the Trees but we were tired and Eureka was far enough tonight. We've had room service and I've had a shower and taken my tablets and we are both in Jam's ready for a very early night.
Tomorrow we are planing to go to the Trees of Mystery, then cut over from Crescent City Ca. to Grants Pass OR. then up I-5 to Corvallis Or. and OSU to visit with Becky's friend Adrian, then off to St. Helens, home and unpack.


clara said...

it's so great that you guys are still on speaking terms!!! way to go!

Sheila E said...

Ah, almost home....glad to have you back in the PNW!! Where the heck are you anyway!
Sounds like you both had a Blast!!
Loved the blogs and Love you Both!!