Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Road Trip day 6

Whew another day in Petaluma. We were up so late last night that we all (Except poor Jeff) slept in this morning. We had English sausages, toast and the others had eggs, Ummm. Then we sat and talked and knit. Both Becky and I finished our scarves, but Shelli is still knitting on the beaded 50% Cashmere/ 50% Silk in natural colored "Sugar". It was a big skein.
We then got ready and went for a walk around Petaluma. It is a wonderful town all old buildings and cute shops. We found a wonderful warping board, that would be fab for displaying yarn for TNNA. Becky has her eye on a Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet, and is trying to justify it's purchase and then trying to get it onto the trailer, problem is that she won't have enough money to move it into her own kitchen so she is praying about it.
If your in the praying mood, please thank Saint Anthony along with me. I have lost my cell phone several times on this trip and so far have found it every time, but it's been a struggle every time. Pat says he never lets her down, and has suggested I appeal to this Saint too, lets face it I need a Saint, and as my cell phone is in my purse right now (at least I think I left it in there) it is thanks to St. Anthony.

It was Tuesday night knit club tonight, a lot of ladies come to this every week, however this week Trish was there to "mix it up", there was a lot of fun to be had.

Personally it was beyond wonderful to meet the people that actually knit things out of the yarn! There were a lot of "Supporters of the Arts" there tonight. Seems like everyone was knitting (or had knitted) a project out of our yarn.
Lynn came in to order more yarn for this lovely cabled scarf in Newport Rocks (50% Silk/ 50% Cashmere) that needs just a little bit more yarn, isn't it wonderful?!

Alan and Sandy came tonight and there was lots of hugs and the skein was presented to him.

Sandy gauged and swatched (she is so good) and then cast on!

The first time I came to this shop (it seems like yesterday but it was last May) these two love birds were going on their first date, I thought they were an old married couple! Said a few things to them about how cute they were together and so on, after Page and Mike left the whole shop burst into laughter since everyone knew that this was Page's first date in a year! This event was in May, now in November just look at how happy they are

By the way I love Mike! (yes both my Mike and this one) He came into the yarn store to chat Page up but to not look so "hey baby want to go out" he "needed a tape measure", this would melt the hardest of hearts, he came by to give me a hug!!! He is a dream boat
Two friends came through the door and one was Sue and the other Suzanne or Suzie, I just called them the "S" sisters and they were good with that!

More knitters just trying to knit quietly!

I admire this knitter she is making a sweater out of dark grey yarn, I could no more knit this than be a size 2, it is stunning and I bow to her greatness!

Here is my new friend Carol!
She stopped at Knit Stop (Indianapolis IN, she has family there) last week to show Nancy George this cool neck warmer from Knit2together by Mel Clark (You know how I love Mel!) out of TFC's 50% Cashmere/50% silk in the "Stone" color-way, she is too shy to be photographed but I managed as she was busy knitting unaware....

OK so much for the early bed tonight, wonder what's on the program for tomorrow? Is it drive to St. Helens with or without a Hoosier Cabinet?, or whether we take it in two days?, in which case we will probably stop and see Sheila? Only time will tell, and one more THANKS St. Anthony and everyone that came tonight! I really had the best time.

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