Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Road Trip day 5

Just a quick note to tell you that we have made it to Petaluma and Knitterly! We are actually supposed to be asleep but I wanted to post pictures tonight as I'm still a little wired after a stimulating day.
We got going a little late this morning on a partial overcast day. After a lovely breakfast we started packing up only to find I had lost my phone. We all searched the whole house and all our bags and the truck, and the bags and the house, and the bags, truck, under all the furniture in the house, then all the bags, and you get the picture until finally I remembered my purse had launched it's self off the counter in the kitchen and low and behold the phone and sunglasses in the recycling basket.
Here is Shelli with a armful of her new yarn!

Our drive to Knitterly was uneventful (except that Becky thinks she has to tie stuff 'round my neck now) and we unloaded the basket of yarn. Sandy was there and thrilled that she got to fondle Alan's skein before he got to see it. Then she showed me the scarf/snood that Shelli has designed! Here she is showing Becky

We went for a little tour around Petaluma (which I haven't really done yet even though this is my third trip to Petaluma) and found the best dress shop. They had the perfect outfit for me in the window, but they were closed, however when we pressed our noses to the glass they opened the shop and were so wonderful and I got the outfit. Nan Winters is the name of the shop and the owner. Garrett is the painter whom was doing a little work in the shop (which is why they were in there on a day that normally they are closed) and "helped" with the mans view point on my fashion show. We are fast friends now and I'm set for TNNA! Here is Nan and Garrett, both looking sort of shell shocked after helping me buy clothes.

Tomorrow we are shopping for shoes (oh goddess of spinning please help me) and having a yarn party Becky says it's lights out! See you tomorrow!

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