Sunday, November 11, 2007

Road Trip day 4

Today was San Francisco! I love this town. Today started with the gentle stirrings of busy family above us, feeling like a slacker and the need for an iron I ventured upstairs, to find the rain of yesterday was gone, soon to be joined by Becky.

Pat (Don's mom) made us Finnish Pancakes with peaches (by the way I love peaches) which was very "Yorkshire Puddingish" although sweet not savory. Being in the heart of a real family again makes me feel wonderful, loved and loving. Jo, John, Bill (Don's dad) and Pat along with Becky and I eating around a family dinner table life doesn't get any better than this.
After this lovely meal Becky and I made our way to Fisherman's Wharf, to go to the Chocolate Factory and Boudins Bread Factory. The Chocolate Factory idea seemed a little too much on top of Finnish Pancakes, so we went to Boudins instead.

This is for Mike! It explains about the Longshoreman's Bloody Thursday, July 5th, 1939 (It was a Thursday) when many Longshoreman were killed trying to form the Union, now date this is a Longshoreman holiday and called "Bloody Thursday even when July 5th lands on another day.

I like that the Bread people went out on strike too
Becky and I spent hours reading, watching and (ME) playing the interactive games. I am a journeyman bread-maker! according to the computer game, twice, I played the "what kind of bread am I" both times I was a long French Loaf. We availed ourselves of the tasting room, Becky says her favorite is still the regular sourdough, I liked it all. We were still hungary so we had lunch of "starters" of French Onion soup, Becky had Mussels, I had tomatoes, basil fresh mozzarella cheese.

We walked along the street people watching and saw this "bush-man" at work (he hides behind these branches and when the unaware walk by he pops out of his branches, he doesn't say anything just shakes the branches and his head pops out) , here all these years I thought I had the best job....

We had a lovely walk around and a peek at the Chocolate Factory, but the crowds where a little too much for me, and with the hour getting later we picked up dessert for our contribution to the family dinner with Babs Turrentine (Don's Grandmother) and Uncle Denny along with all Turrentines mentioned before. We choose the best bad stuff in town! Kara's Cupcakes

All locally grown ingredients mostly organic, the most delightful cupcakes ever! Not one of the Turrentine boys (Emma either for that matter) has a cavity not one! This is due to both Emma's mom; Deb and Pat's dedication on only having healthy nutritious food for their family, we blew it today!
After Grandmother Babs and Uncle Denny left. Becky and I had a little skeining work to do before going to Knitterly tomorrow. I went to the truck only to find the truck's canopy leaks and my suitcase full of singles, labels and business papers are sopping wet. All our labels were wet. Luckily I am in the presences of greatness, Pat and Becky dried all the labels and were able to save most. Here is a picture of Pat blow-drying labels, she doesn't want you to see her.

Here is Joe, dutiful Joe, doing kitchen duty as we skein yarn, poor Joe all the dishes we created he has to wash. Becky and I try to sneak and help but are soon told to GET OUT by Pat.

It's time for bed and it's calling me tonight for sure. Tomorrow Knitterly (and my friend Alan! I have your skein) fun. Hope ewe can make it!

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