Saturday, November 10, 2007

Road Trip day 3

The day began early with Becky's alarm going off around 8:00 am on a rainy foggy day. Just the kind of day you want to snuggle down and forget the world. We had stayed up late last night knitting here is Becky doing the scarf
This is how much progress she made

This is how far I got on the hat... I was tired!

I slipped into my mended socks packed up the truck and we went to put the trailer onto the hitch,

when whoops some one had parked in the red in front of the trailer, by chance we found him and he moved, got the truck hitched when we saw our friends the deer and both thought Ohhh this is why it is Deer Haven Inn....

We drove up 101 for a while. I made Becky stop in Castorville Ca. the Artichoke Capital of the World.... I love Artichokes!

We stopped at the Giant Artichoke Fruit stand to buy Artichokes, while the gentleman behind the counter chatted up Becky I made free with the Artichoke everything. He was checking us out (as in ringing us up) when the gas main let loose, he was so enamored of Becky he couldn't hear the screams from the back room, "what color are your eyes blue or green?" (scream from the back room crash bang HISSSS OH NO IT'S THE GAS MAIN!!) "Do you live locally" (SOMEONE CALL 911) "Do you have any brothers?" (I liked this question seems like this isn't the first time he's made friendly with a younger sister) (REALLY GET OUT NOW!!!) "Ok Misses I give you one artichoke for free, will you be coming this way again?" (RUN RUN!). We left hastily with our packages containing one free artichoke. We pulled out as the emergency equipment started arriving. So if you are ever in Castorville you can see what is left of this place
We proceeded north to Berkley (via Gilroy the garlic capitol of the world and it did smell strongly of garlic!) for the farmers market, only to find Mike's warnings all true about the USC vs. Berkley football game. The Farmers market is a block of where the game is being played. I drove the truck and trailer around most of Berkley (happily thinking of all the wondrous things she would bring back), while Becky shopped. It started to rain, nothing to us, but wow to the rain challenged Californians, along with the huge road construction projects, the last leg of the trip was very slow in bumper to bumper traffic for miles.
We made it to Turrentine's and started cooking right away. Joe (Don's younger brother) helped us find things in Pat's kitchen. We made Toad in the Hole with fresh steamed Brussels Sprouts. Joe and his two lady friends joined us, when Pat and John (another and the youngest Turrentine brother) came home for the party. Pat went out again and Joe and his lady friends went out, so John read quietly while Becky looked for apartments and I knit on the hat. John was my model and hopes this hat doesn't fit Don. I'm hoping it does, but regardless it's done.
We had a lovely evening and Bill got home late, but early (wasn't due home until Sunday night). Tomorrow are plans are to go to Boudins Sourdough Bread factory and to the Chocolate Factory! We hope to cook a dinner for the family, but what that will be like is anyone's guess, we have artichokes!


janel said...

Wow Trish, that story about the artichoke place is hilarious. I sure hope it didn't blow up because I would love to go hug the giant artichoke too some day. Your road trip sounds like a lot of fun.

Sheila E said...

Oh how I wish that I were along with you two!! Thanks for the lovely travelog! What a Sweet Thing...Mother & Daughter ;)
I love artichokes...and the little stand in Gilroy...hope it's still standing! Talking about blowing off gas ;)
Love to you both!!