Thursday, November 01, 2007

The long journey

We made it to Los Angeles! It took us 24 hours. We left at 10:00pm and I confess not well rested. Audrey came over and got involved in skeining, 56 skeins. Steven drove the most as I kept falling asleep. There was a huge police presence on the road more than any other trip I've been on.
Yesterday I was taken to the beauty salon, and the trains at Griffith Park.
I now have high speed internet lots of pictures to catch up with.

This is an older picture, OFFF, these are the winners of the junior spinning competition
left to right Kimberly, her sister Katrina, the over all winner, Kirsten, and Sabrina, at least I think I have it right

I felt like this tree, bending in the wind with no support so that it has grown crooked. However this is what the mind does on a long solo trip after having been so high from visiting at Knitterly

Here is the first birthday in a week of birthdays Don at TODAI in Portland

The B'Day boy opening his present from his Mom, mine isn't done yet.

Here are the clan at Mark's surprise birthday party
Left to right, Deb, (Emma's Mom), Elizabeth, (Emma & Anna's sister, Emma (and Henley Hornbrook), and Don, and Steven my son

The last of the Birthday's Steven's here we are at Salty's on the Columbia River. He had Maine Lobster, but after the wonderful appetizer of Clams and Mussels and bread, he couldn't quite finish so good old mom helped out.

Jan (I think this is right, but let me know if it isn't your name) holding her first hand-spun yarn with Barb Quinn as the teacher. Jan took the last spindling class I taught at Knitting Bee, she didn't really enjoy it that much so decided she wanted to try a wheel, she did it!

A new spinner having learned on my wheel!

A new spinner is born!

Do you remember the sheep tea cozy? Here is Loyce teaching that class it looked like lots of fun!

Judy Ness's class of dyer's Diane McKinnon showing off her indigo yarn

A new knitter her Mom was the spinner using my wheel, they both joined the Guild and we're glad to have them both!

Elda isn't only a wonderful spinner, she really got into felting and these are the vessel's she "whipped up"!

If you what to really get into woolen and worsted take a class from Paula Shull, this is her class at the Guild's workshop

This is Paula's sweater, all hand-spun and knit on size 3 needles! AHHH

This is a "Yarn Harlotesk" picture. Paula is holding her sock knit on size one needles out of the same yarn as the sweater.

Almost week later and a thousand miles, Becky is dressed as Rosy the Riveter, as you can see by the poster.

Mo made the trip with us and will be living in Lakewood with Mike as Becky and I will be on the road a lot. Mo and Cy haven't been "getting along" so far but I know they will work it out. Meanwhile Becky and I have been planning our trips.... We are going to be in Monterey Ca. on Nov 8th & 9th, then moving onto Berkley farmers market and to the Turrentine's, from where Becky and I will be visiting San Francisco for a couple of days then onto Knitterly on Monday Nov. 12 & 13th ummmm I can taste the pancakes now.......

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Monkeyspinner said...

Busy. That sounds like a bit. Are you like the birds over wintering in So.Cal?I missed Torrence but my mom went, I m stuck in Humboldt :P with the fog. Have a nice trip.