Friday, October 26, 2007

Working vacation

It is great that Steven sleeps in as it really helps the yarn production this week of Birthdays. My boy (all right young man) is 24 today. Last night we partied again with Emma and Don as it was her bio-Dad's surprise birthday party. Her parents and youngest sister are visiting from Florida. The day before we had our Todai meal to celebrate Don's birthday and while going today sounded good 4 days ago, Steven isn't as sure about it now as was then.
Becky has left Farmer John for the last time today, she is happy/sad. I'm happy as that means a two month period of help with TFC. Think of all the yarn we'll be making....
I can now announce that we'll be at Knit Stop, Indianapolis IN on Dec. 7 & 8th bringing some very special yarn for this event, so if you are in the area please stop by....
I have lots of pictures but I'm in the office today trying to catch up before Steven and I leave for Los Angeles on Monday after the appliance repairman "Steve" comes to resolve the mystery of the dryer rebellon, I don't blame it for not working, but will have to insist it does.
I will post pictures later when I'm at Joe's or somewhere that has WI-FI.
Tomorrow while my Steven sleeps off the WOW playing, I'll be in Canby Or. at the Aurora Colony Handspinners Guild Workshops and Spin-In. Jan McMohan is looking after my luncheon plans (hopefully she remembers "the" bottle of Glen) and where I hope to finish the spinning I started at Knitterly. I love this blend of Mer60%/20%angora/20%cashmere, it is really soft and a little fun to spin. I love it in the NW Summer color-way as it is so bright and cheerful.
The days are noticeably shorter and the nights are cold, the leaves if not all ready on the ground are all colors ready to be shed. My cough is much better and usually only present at night. No more fever's and I am starting to have energy again. Sunday will be dye day, so fiber can be ready for spinners. The drying rack is full of yarn to be sent out before I leave for LA. Still haven't got the live trap it's on the list. There is a list, again, which comforts/worries me.
Well this has been my lunch break and it's time to go back to the office work. If you are at Knitterly on November 13th I'll see you, If you are at String Nov. 29th-Dec. 1st I'll be seeing you and if you're at Knit Stop on Dec. 7& 8th we'll party! If you're in Canby tomorrow don't bring fiber! I'd be glad to supply you! LOL.......

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