Sunday, November 04, 2007


Just checking in. We've been making yarn and doing prep work for TNNA in January. We have our schedule worked out for our trip up the coast but our trip out east is still in the planning stage, trying to finalized plans has meet every kind of road block.
Today we are going to the Torrance Fiber Fair just to look and meet with SC spinners.
We are sending yarn out to String this week as well as Hill Country Weavers. We are going to Wild Fiber in person for a delivery of yarn, if you want to see our latest and greatest yarns be there about 10:00 and come order your yarn straight from the source!
We went to the Getty Museum yesterday. The Medieval exhibit was a blow-away. The Tapestries caught my eye, knowing that they were all hand-spun we tried to decide what the warp was, linen or silk, but enjoyed looking at the artistry and skill, humbled me and challenged Becky. The staff hovered as we were as close as could be without setting off alarms.
Here are a few pictures around the Getty,
Mo telling me it's time for bed, he lays on the Northwest Winter in Cashmere and Silk, to insure my compliance.

In the distance is the Palos Verdes Peninsula, where I lived during my early to late teens. In this picture it looks like the back of a whale in a foggy ocean, that is the smog, smoke and fog... one of the many reasons I don't live in LA (Cheri now you begin to understand?)

Becky Rose taking pictures of the neat Cactus at the J.P. Getty

I loved this lady's socks, I was too chicken to ask her whether she made them or bought them, Shelli (Knitterly) says to go to New York, I have to upscale my footwear, here is a braver soul than I.

Here ends the day and this blog

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Graygirl said...

I've seen those socks at American Pie Gallery in Mendocino, CA! Love 'em but never bought a pair. Maybe next trip.