Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Last Days

Yesterday Becky and I went to Wild Fiber and talked yarn all morning. Today Becky and I are packing up and tomorrow on our way up the coast of California to Petaluma and then to St. Helens OR.

Here is what Mo thinks of skeining yarn.

Jamie (a new friend from Raverly) and I at the South Bay Hand-weavers Sale. She likes the Columbia Gorge-ous too

Natasha (owner of Wild Fiber) goes crazy for Northwest Autumn in the cashmere, she named all the skeins, I have a bad feeling that this might never be sold.. but in the private stash

We had a lovely day at Wild Fiber got to meet a lot of great knitters, and Natasha treated us to the best treats as well, she goes to a special bakery for them if you are interested you'll have to ask her where she got them

Selling yarn is thirsty work after our lovely trip to Wild Fiber. I treated Becky to afternoon tea at Tudor House in Santa Monica for all things English. We stocked up on treats for the road and finished a whole pot of tea!

Lots of news on the family front. FIL's memorial service was Saturday in Tucson and then SILs brought MIL back from Tucson and now living at SIL's house. We are so pleased with her progress in therapy and her joy at being at "home". Doesn't she look great! She seems really glad too. Please continue to keep her in your prayers/thoughts for her continued progress.

If you are going to be in Petaluma on Monday or Tuesday stop by Knitterly!! We hope to have lots of pictures!

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