Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Back Home

Home again, and it feels good to have a day of rest behind me. It was a long but lovely drive home from Petaluma, especially with another great breakfast in our bellies thanks to Jeff.
I've booked some Meet the Spinners days and here is the short list as of this afternoon! Becky and I will be back at Knitterly on November 13th! I just can't get enough of the fun there.
We will be flying to New York to have spinning fun at String! On November 29th, 30th and Dec. 1 and then there are two other stops that might be in the works.....
Steven and I are doing jobs in preparation for leaving for Los Angeles on Monday. So just a quick note now. I hope to stop at Wild Fiber for a day but haven't told Natasha that yet! Off to pick up the trailer now.... and the live trap as we have yet another new cat living at our house.....

1 comment:

Sheila E said...

Hi Sweet Pea....I am home from Stitches East & a visit to NY...damn I am glad to be home!
When you get settled give me a jingle!!
Take care, arrive safely!!
Much Love & Hugs!! Jackie sends her love to you as well!!