Monday, October 01, 2007

Picture HERE at Joe's

I'm here! I made it to Joe's. Josi the housekeeper came this morning, guess what it took longer than she thought! Ha what a surprise, and the scrap metal men came and took away a lot but are coming back for what wouldn't go in the truck, they said they would come back but ummmmm, they got the good stuff, but oh well at least there is a lot of metal gone from the dye studio, and outside, and the barn.
Here are pictures galore!
Here is Carol one of our newer spinners! She is fast and good. She is holding some Columbia GORGE-ous

Here is one of our youngest fans wearing a sweater my Mom knitted in Northwest Winter!

Here I am after having "a date with "The Glen" wearing a sheep tea cozy made by Loyce Erikson for a class example, for the Aurora Handspinners Workshops on October 27th, sign ups are still available!

These are the cohorts that egged me on, although it doesn't take much as we all know, left to right is Bonnie (Tea Lady), Lisa (Handworks, blocking wires fame) Cynthia N, and Jeri all sitting in Jan's camper

Here is Jan with said Sheep Tea Cozy

This is a sunset on the lavender. Mike wanted me to show you all the yard work we did before the forest takes it back!

Square Dancers at the Harvest Festival last Wed. night, such a moon that night but none of the pictures came out.

Our favorite Powells Books! This is at 10:30 pm on a Wed. can you believe it.

Voodoo Doughnuts, ummmm if you ever get to see Globe Treker in Portland you'll see the doughnuts!

I've scrubbed, and scrubbed this pan and have gotten it to the point of can be used, but it's not pretty

Chocolate textured Cashmere (for String) being washed, 5 pounds of yarn done on Saturday

This is the rain from my front window, if you look carefully you'll see that the window is covered with drops as the rain was pelting it down

This is the same view from the front porch, while I was having my "prayer service"

Ropes of yarn drying in the office

Charlie! Love him but he's not the best skeiner, he has many other qualities, he's just darn cute, can you see the hands that are going to have mittens?

Anna and her "helper"

Wow I knew there were a lot! Hope you aren't on dial up too!

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