Thursday, October 04, 2007

I feel terrible

I have had a nagging cough for some time now, basically since going to Tucson, but wrote it off to an excessive amount of cashmere spinning, however on Tuesday I could hardly breath, and the coughing was non-stop so off to urgent care I went. I thought even if it was from the cashmere I need drugs.
I got there and waited, not long enough to redo the hat I'm making but I took it apart and recast on, (I do a lot of this) in a larger size. I am sick, according to the nurse practitioner, bronchitis and sinus infection. As I was running a fever and my blood oxgen level was low enough I got big drugs. I then went to the pharmacy and to Blockbuster video, then home. I was happy to take the antibiotics but of course really happy for the cough medicine. Things got a little hazy after that.... I found myself at 3:30 am with the TV going and a large cat parked so close to my legs (in fact one of his legs was over mine) that I couldn't turn over. Mo wanted to know if I was moving or not I guess. Time passed, 12:00 pm I awoke, with Mo next to my face, did I take too much cough medicine? Was he worried? I decided that I needed food so ambled off downstairs with Mo ever present and got a bowl of cereal and then back to bed for awhile. I started to "hear" all the singles calling my name so got up and plied a little, then spun some Silk/Merino Newport Rocks for Knitterly's beaded yarn. Then things started to get hazy and off to bed again. This time turning the TV off! I'm at Joe's again and feeling a little better, but not much. The weather has been crazy with rain and wind, so much that last night Mo wasn't too happy about leaving the comfort of the bed for his potty break. He has been so clingy and tender that I know I must be sending out the sickie vibes.
I managed to set 36 more skeins and send out too partial orders to String and Wild Fibers, with a lot more to skein up, but I'm just not up to it today.
Tomorrow I'm having lunch with spinners, then teaching a spindle spinning class at Knitting Bee and then driving to Walla Walla, but only if I feel much better. Not spending the night coughing has done wonders for my sleep quality.
This weekend there is a sheep to shawl at Ft. Whitman in Walla Walla. This would be a great chance to see Beth and get her into the spinning group there, we are both missing each other.
Emma and Don are in Fairfax CA. and Anna is at home, Becky went to Disneyland yesterday with Brent and his friend Steve, and I plied 18 more skeins.
Tonight I have to dye as the singles are coming back all ready. I really don't have much to send out. So I'll have to leave Joe's soon to go to work. Happy days tomorrow!


janel said...

Oh, hope you're feeling better very soon! I miss you Trish!

Sachi said...

Feel better soon, sweetie! And stay the hell away from the Cashmere! Just in case.