Sunday, September 30, 2007

Restful Sunday

It is peaceful here just now as Anna and Charlie are off to mass. The heathen I am is sitting writing to you, eating a cheese bagel, and having yet another beaker of tea. (I did sit briefly on the front porch to say a little prayer but I heard the kettle and the flannel nightie wasn't enough to keep me warm I retreated)
The sump pump works! It has rained steadily all weekend, yeah. I have the heater set to 67 and it has come on several times. Horrified to hear that Austin Texas is still 95, sorry Hill Country Weavers!

I plied 36 skeins of yarn yesterday and Anna skeined more than that (she is too great, she'd just get a box empty and I'd fill it back up, she said "AWESOME" in a way that made me believe her, but how discouraging it would be for me and I'm thinking Katie too would be cursing my name), although Charlie would have it differently. He is cutting a molar, need I say more, and he is sporting a few more bumps and bruises, his new word? "Uh oh". Anna is the best Mom and I wonder if my mothering skills were as half as loving and patient as she, probably not. The memories contain a lot of "short and cross" play back, but the one of me laying on the floor for hours with a baby (Becky or Steven or both) on my legs bouncing is strong, and repeated in Anna's play with Charlie. Charlie is a wonderful house guest and I could spend hours just watching him delight in things as simple as playing with a roasting pan and a wooden spoon. He likes to Tango! (I have pictures I swear)

It was wonderful to stuff yarn into account cubbies, Mel Clark's cubby is so full that the rest will have to go into a box ready to ship to New Zealand, we are only missing 5 skeins before sending this order off, the very last one from TNNA.
String is going to receive yarn this week, so is Knitterly, Hill Country Weavers, A Close Knit and Knit Stop, we really have been busy. it always amazes me how different the orders are even though there are several common threads. Everyone wants Newport Rocks, but some just want Super-Wash Merino, others want Cashmere/Silk, still others want it in "just" cashmere, some like Mel want it all. From there the differences become more diverse, as are the owners of these very lovely yet different shops. I am so new to the yarn business, I'm sure that I'll be more sauve as time goes on.

I got my invite to join "Raverly", if you are a part of this group I'm "TanglewoodTrish", still figuring out this site and think to fully use it I'll have to spend a day at Joe's. So far I have one friend, Denise Satterlund! (yinandyarn). Thanks for making me your friend Denise!

Today will be spent in more plying but also getting fiber ready to send to spinners. There is a lot of "Fireworks" to spin! What a lovely treat for all the spinners. I can see how I came to dye Northwest Autumn as the fire reds and burnt oranges have started to come into the trees around Tanglewood Fiber Creations ( more lovely pictures to be placed heren I promise!)

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