Saturday, October 20, 2007


I LOVE this shop, you can hardly call it a shop, more like a yarn mecca. It is a huge shop, with just enough yarn to make you feel lovely without making you feel constricted.
My friends Alan and his Sandy, came to spend the evening with us and chatted about all things yarn. This morning Jeff treated us to his very renown pancakes,
there are pancakes and then there is what Jeff makes..... Heaven. The bacon was delightful too (sorry veg.'s)
We are going to return to the shop later (after last time talking until very early in the morning Shelli decided to make it at noon today, (I forgot to tell her I'm on the new eating and sleeping program) as we did stay up knitting late

but not oh my gosh is that the time late, and I'm glad to not rush around, especially after the drive through Oregon. Yesterday the winds in the pass were 60 mph and they got about 2 inches of rain. Driving was challenging, it was so nice to sit and spin as the minutes turned to hours, passing so quickly and unnoticed, in good company.
I had to borrow a hair dryer today as the lump in the suitcase was my flask and not the hairdryer. Good to know I have priorities.
If you ever get to downtown Petaluma, even if you don't knit you should just stop by and meet good people!

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