Saturday, October 20, 2007

The day comes to an end

As with all good things my work here is done. Alan and Sandy
came back because Alan thought of a few more questions for me which I love because he asks me questions that I can answer, rather than "where did you put that receipt"? "When was the last time you balanced the check book?" When are you going to Curves?".
Sandy wants to knit Alan an under the helmet hat. I'm going to make some Columbia GORGE-ous specially for him, and really for Sandy who just wants to make something out of CG. I love this color-way I really do.
Is there such a thing as too much fun for one yarn? No. Beaded Cashmere and Silk, that's all I'm saying about that you really just have to see it, and feel it.
I didn't get her name but there was a super knitter at the shop today, she took three classes, all in one day. She didn't seem fried. When she was through learning about top down sweater knitting and something else that was going on and then back to top down knitting I asked her if she was fried, a little she said, she didn't look it she was as lovely and fresh looking and still coherent as when she came in. Just over hearing the top down class made my head start to spin, but then I'm really not much of a knitter, and not at all interested in making sweaters even from the top down. I super admire the skill and dedication it takes to power through a sweater, but the amount of yarn that it would take to make a sweater for me, and the skill and time factor beyond my capabilities. Give me socks I can do socks, and have always made both at once so that I would have a pair, a hat is even faster. The gloves are waiting for next week as the cough is somewhat better, and the "treatments" are working.
I'll be sorry to leave tomorrow it's nice being in the company of other humans, and I got 7 bobbins spun! Jeff and Shelli too me out for a stroll and to dinner tonight this is not where we went but I had to take this picture, there are a lot more scenic views, downtown has an amazing charm and life. I look forward exploring it with Becky on our return journey.
Steven has arrived at Andersen North and having young people's fun with Emma and Don. Steven says we have too many cats at the house, bad news for Toby-Jack I now have help and a ride to the shelter so come Monday he is taking a ride.......really 4 cats is enough, Toby-Jack is starting to fight with all the cats I want, and don't want to have more vet bills. If he was friendly and nice, he would so be "in" but he's not, he doesn't even catch things. Sorry but 5 cats is too many.
My disembodied voice just announced that it is 0 hours, which means bed. Tomorrow the drive back, hopefully the wind and rain has died down a bit. I'll miss the company, but next week is Birthday week and Steven my son will be home! Lots to look forward to.

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Brent said...

Is there really such a thing as too many cats?