Monday, October 08, 2007

Fiber comes yarn goes.....

Wow what a difference a weekend makes. I've finished my antibiotics, yeah, and the coughing is almost gone. Diane G. came over yesterday and we skeined about 50 skeins, and I got Mel Clarks order ready to be shipped out, it's a lot of yarn!!! This is my last order from TNNA so Diane and I did a little happy dance. I was tired after she left so sat plying my very favorite yarn, Columbia GORGE-ous in the Cashmere and Silk. Wow how much do I love this yarn!!! Pictures to follow. I did some Newport Rocks in the same fiber, and some Autumn in cashmere, another fun yarn especially for this time of year here in the Pacific Northwest. (pictures to follow). It is really Autumn here raining and cold, yes cold!! I had my socks on and have found all the darning I haven't done over summer. Mom says she is knitting some new socks, I hope to send her more yarn so that I can have several new pairs (darning be damned?).
I got to talk to my oldest former roommate Kim, HI KIM!, this weekend. I watched the rain beat down as I spoke to her in Huston TX. It has been such a long time since I've spoken (to her) to anyone other than a fiber addicted, it was refreshing, not that I don't love my fiber life it's just sometimes nice to see what the "real" world is doing.
I also had a long talk with Sheila ( She is on her way to Stitches East, without me waaa, I wished her all the best, and if you are lucky enough to go please say HI to Sheila and try out some of her needles on my yarn! She always has a ball of it on hand. I'm not going this year, as I've got lots of orders and plenty of yarn to make. If you want some Tanglewood Fiber Creations yarn, try String! as they are getting another shipment this week.
Josi came today for another clean-up here at Camp Andersen. She is so nice and it's lovely to have everything smelling like bleach and such, (all stray fiber pieces gone and you can see the carpet around my spinning chair!).
I BBQ'ed some lamb chops this weekend, appetite is coming back, "Curves" here I come when the coughing has stopped completely.
I'm shipping out yarn and fiber today, so if you are a spinner expect Fiber (yes, even you Alexandra!) and if you are near String (NY NY) or Wild Fiber (Santa Monica) or Hill Country Weavers (Austin TX) go in and see what new yarn they are getting!
A big HI to all the new friends at Raverly! Joe's here I come for more downloads on pictures.

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