Thursday, September 13, 2007

We have yarn

Here I am working in the production room, this yarn has gone to Hill Country Weavers in Austin Texas

Becky and I were so bummed last week because of Tut's passing that we went to a bar in the Airport (remember that we had taken him to the Vet just a few hours before we flew to Portland). I was knitting and having (just) one shot of "The Glen", Becky had a Strawberry Margarita.

Anna is skeining yarn, the floor is littered with Charlie's toys, he was taking a nap at this moment

This is the last two days work, Anna has a lot of work ahead of her. The cashmere is for Wild Fiber, each bundle is two skeins worth of yarn, some are three skeins worth. We ran out of hangers, all my clothes are on the floor in the closet or in the hamper. Mike donated some and so did Steven, but we had to triple up on the hangers.
Steven says he likes the smell of the kitchen when it smells like bacon, not vinegar and soap. I like the fact that my suitcase is nearly empty

Do you see a skein you would like to have? I hope so. Plying today I thought about how many people's energy I had melded together, how many hours of spinning we have all done. It boggles the mind. More to come as spinners have begun to send their weeks worth of singles back.
Mike and I are driving home to St. Helens on Wednesday and it looks like my only day to go to Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival will be Saturday, baring any family troubles. Let's hope everyone stays healthy, including me! I have caught up on my sleep, and to be honest feeling better. Several evenings I have found myself asleep on the couch with Mo laying on top of me. Tomorrow Mike, Steven and I are joining the family to go through the boxes we have in storage to plan the garage sale. No plying tomorrow! Saturday I will skein so that I can go to Wild Fiber on Tuesday!

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