Monday, September 17, 2007

Business Day

Today is spent on getting the office work done, even though I'm not in my fabulous office in Oregon, that doesn't mean that business doesn't need doing.
I've talked to TNNA and renewed my subscription. I've ordered my essential lavender oil from my favorite Pelindaba Lavender Farm (, in Friday Harbor on the beautiful San Juan Island in Washington. Just talking with them has made me so home sick I can hardly stand it. I love this lavender farm more than any other in Sequim (the Lavender Capital of the United States) Wa. I love Sequim, as it is all about Lavender but the oil from Pelindaba is the best. They are organic (not easy) and process their own oil so you know you are getting the real deal. I use quite a lot of oil in yarn production. Each skein is bathed in lavender oil bath, during the setting process, and with everything else here at Tanglewood Fiber Creations we believe that the difference in the quality of Lavender oil we use is important. Now to order more fiber, especially the cashmere I love cashmere.
Going through the storage locker we have all vowed not to hoard. Saying that Becky (Sister in Law) Val and I went to the Long Beach Antique Swap Meet. I spent thousands in "window shopping money" but only came away with more Blue Willow plates and bowls. I use the one's I have every day, however accidents happen, and I am now down to just 7 dinner plates (only 4 of those are Blue Willow the rest are just old partal sets). I bartered hard and have 10 more dinner plates, 5 bowls, 4 sandwich plates and 4 (not exactly matching) dessert plates. Val was the best and came away with nothing more than a good time. Becky bought a soup turren on a warming base, in Blue and White paisley pattern.
I have also replaced my long metal spatula. I bought the first one when I lived with another man (Hi Dale) during the early '70's. He insisted that any good cook would have a long spatula, and bought one. I have morned the loss of this item believing it had to be in the house, but no such luck. I've looked, Emma's looked and Don even had a search through the kitchen, no luck. This tool is very important to cookie, roast potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding (on Saturday) removal, all dear to everyone's hearts (although let's face it not to the actual heart). While shopping with Becky and my Mum we bought another long metal spatula, life can hold no more happiness.
What about yarn production? Two days of shopping certainly slowed the production but I managed to ply 15 skeins the last two days!
Enough, I have to get on with "real" business. procrastination is my middle name!

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